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Here are a few XL stories from other people. There is Ben who took the same means of transportation as me, Pie in the Sky (you gotta love that Gamertag) who sadly could only stay for the saturday, something Jay wrote on his way back and then more from Jay when he finally got home.

I also found Ben Talbots writeup quite interesting. He has alos got some photos of the event. The first I’ve seen. He also wrote an article for the OXM website:

This month, Xbox Community Site Matchbox360.co.uk hosted its first major LAN event entitled ‘XL’ at the Birmingham NEC. Entertaining nearly 300 gamers from the UK and across Europe the main attractions were a Halo 2 free for all, plus 4 Vs 4 play, with some of the UK’s best pro players taking part.

And OXM 360 was invited along to witness the proceeding!

One of the clans keen to make a big splash was Death By UK. Co-founder James Aston (DBUK Aston) commented, “We started DBUK earlier this year and a lot of our members knew people from other clans, and before we knew it, we had 300-400 members! Events like this come with the territory, so we rallied around and got as many people as we could to come. There’s some real talent here, some real intelligence. For a lot of people it’s just gaming but for us it’s an actual sport.”

Fellow founder Karl James (DBUK Killa) highlighted the community aspect of this gathering in stating, “We see some of these people all the time on Xbox Live, and finally meeting them in the flesh is mind-blowing!”

Other well-known clans including TGS and Scar Tissue also took the opportunity to test their skills against teams from Portugal, France and Holland. This was a truly international event. However, there was much more to play than just Halo 2. XL also ran official F.E.A.R., Call of Duty 3, GRAW, Pro Evo 6 and Gears of War tournaments! Runner-up in the Pro Evo 6 tournament, Daniel Brooks said, “I prefer playing at events like this because there’s no lag and it’s great to meet people in person, I’d definitely come to another.”

Event organiser Chris Barnes (K0NSPIRACY) and his team did a fantastic job, and spoke to us during the midst of a LAN battle! “The crowd is really hyped up and it’s looking to be a brilliant event over the weekend. Hopefully we’ll be doing another event in February, here at the NEC, so we look forward to welcoming back all the UK gamers, and also all the European gamers from Norway, Portugal etc.”

“We’re going to be taking things a big step forward in 2007 so there are bigger things to come with bigger games, larger venues, more consoles and more free-play so we’ll see how things go in 2007.”

Rest assured that after the amazing success of XL, OXM 360 will be following the series closely and will bring you more info about XL2 as soon as we have it. Check out our movie of the event in next months Readers Only section (Issue 16) or on next month’s cover disc.


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  1. Posted March 1, 2007 at 11:10 am | Permalink

    Hi I am Carl Jones not Karl James – lol.

    Great post.

    Please be aware that the site is now Deathbyuk.co.uk not .net.

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