Venice inspired weekend

I’ve still not blogged about this week’s Venice trip which is mainly due to my pictures being worse than I expected. I’ve tried looking through them and editing the ones I’ve got to make them bearable, but about 3/4s of them just aren’t all that. The ones I have started posting can be found over on cat on tumblr tagged Venice. More will be added over the next few days.

This weekend has been a quiet one as the time in between my coach trip to Germany and Venice was quite hectic and stressful and I really needed a bit of a breather. This worked perfectly well with the cold weather we’ve been having this weekend and I was glad not to have to go out. Instead I stayed in, cooked things from my latest Abel & Cole order, such as broccoli and peanut butter soup and read a lot.

Yesterday I read most of ‘Death at La Fenice’ which I finished today and also got about halfway through the next book in the series ‘Death in a Strange Country’. Only another 20 or so books to go in the series. It is remarkable just how much more I recognise the town when locations, such as Fondamente Nuove [there's a great cafe there] are mentioned and I’m looking forward to reading more.

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