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You like?

Welcome! In case you haven’t noticed yet, there are a few things I’ve changed on my blog, after I realised that my previous theme doesn’t support sidebar widgets and was a bit too basic. I’ll see how I get along … Continue reading

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Suggestions anyone?

Looks like my sleeping problems have started up again. After not getting any sleep last night, I’m still not tired now, but off to bed in a minute anyway, as I’m really irritated and am getting a headache yet again. … Continue reading

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XL and X06

Well, hard to say which was more of an announcement today really! ;) Matchbox360 today announced details of XL which is their first LAN event and will take place in Birmingham on the 25th and 26th of November. If anyone … Continue reading

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Do you ever feel you really know someone?

Well, I thought I did, but as proven to me on Sunday it seems I was wrong. You know who you are. What you said to me was bang out of order and don’t ever talk to me again. Especially … Continue reading

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Ladies and Gentleman, yes it is true, I got the job! Staring on the 9th of October which is in 2 weeks. I can’t fucking believe it. Yes, yes I am VERY HAPPY! Cat Music: John Williams, Imperial March

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Eine interessante Woche…

Hallo! Wie jeden Sonntag moechte ich auch diesen mal wieder die Tradition meines deutschen Blogeintrages fortsetzen. Ich muss schon sagen, dass ich ganz schoen von mir selbst beeindruckt bin. Nicht nur, dass ich regelmaessig auf Deutsch schreibe, sondern auch dass … Continue reading

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Kizzi and Olivier

I’ve spent most of the day with Kizzi and Olivier which is quite nice as I don’t get to see her much these days. We spent quite a while of it in the garden as the weather was nice for … Continue reading

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