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You like?

Welcome! In case you haven’t noticed yet, there are a few things I’ve changed on my blog, after I realised that my previous theme doesn’t support sidebar widgets and was a bit too basic. I’ll see how I get along with this one. Feedback? Andrew has now started playing Oblivion and is asking me for […]

Suggestions anyone?

Looks like my sleeping problems have started up again. After not getting any sleep last night, I’m still not tired now, but off to bed in a minute anyway, as I’m really irritated and am getting a headache yet again. I’ve been so tired and well, just couldn’t be bothered to do anything, today that […]

XL and X06

Well, hard to say which was more of an announcement today really! ;) Matchbox360 today announced details of XL which is their first LAN event and will take place in Birmingham on the 25th and 26th of November. If anyone who reads this and hasn’t been to MB yet, check out the XL thread. I’ll […]

Do you ever feel you really know someone?

Well, I thought I did, but as proven to me on Sunday it seems I was wrong. You know who you are. What you said to me was bang out of order and don’t ever talk to me again. Especially as it seems to have taken you 2 years to say it. And I thought […]


Ladies and Gentleman, yes it is true, I got the job! Staring on the 9th of October which is in 2 weeks. I can’t fucking believe it. Yes, yes I am VERY HAPPY! Cat Music: John Williams, Imperial March

Eine interessante Woche…

Hallo! Wie jeden Sonntag moechte ich auch diesen mal wieder die Tradition meines deutschen Blogeintrages fortsetzen. Ich muss schon sagen, dass ich ganz schoen von mir selbst beeindruckt bin. Nicht nur, dass ich regelmaessig auf Deutsch schreibe, sondern auch dass ich generell jeden Abend schreibe. Ich meine, wir wissen ja alle, dass ich nie wirklich […]

Kizzi and Olivier

I’ve spent most of the day with Kizzi and Olivier which is quite nice as I don’t get to see her much these days. We spent quite a while of it in the garden as the weather was nice for a change and she even made me leave the house at one point. :P So […]

No news

They didn’t make the decision today which now got me slightly worried. I rang Monica from the agency in the afternoon and she just said she’d spoken to them, but they don’t know yet. So now I have to wait all the way until Monday. Joy. Travelling isn’t fun. Effectively I’d have to take a […]

The interview went….

… really, really well. :) It took me forever to get there, as the circle line had severe delays due to signalling failure. So yeah, that wasn’t fun. I got there with maybe 10 minutes to spare and yeah, it just went really well. It lasted maybe 1-1/2h and was more of a talk than […]

Tomorrow is the day!

Well, more like today. To be precise my job interview is in less than 14 hours. And I am really, really nervous. My hands are shaking, I feel unprepared and just have that general fear that I’ll fuck everything up. I appreciate everyones ssuggestions from tranquilisers to alcohol and meditation, I might just take one […]


I’m starting to find it really difficult coming up with new headers for blog entries. It seems I have used all my standard expressions in previous posts. I am also fairly impressed that I’m still keeping the regular posting (once a day at the moment!) up, I really did lose interest with my last blog. […]

Well, I’m pissed off….

Everyone who has ever lived in a shared flat/house before will probably understand what I’m going on about. Everyone else, this will most likely happen to you as well. I’m really pissed off with my housemate. If I could be bothered to explain it all here again, I would, but simply he’s not worth it. […]

Guten Abend!

Und wie jede Woche auch hier mal wieder mein Beitrag auf Deutsch, damit ich nicht alles verlerne. Also, macht euch eine Tasse Tee, setzt euch in einen bequemen Stuhl oder Sessel und geniesst es. :) Ja, ich sitze gerade in meinem bequemen Buerostuhl und habe eine Tasse Earl Grey Tee vor mir stehen. Ja, genau, […]

Good Morning!

And nother night without sleeping. God damn msn and ppl talking to me on that all night. You know who you are, I hate you… :P Well, I’ve finally figured out how to stream music from my PC to my 360, but the disc tray on my PC is fucked so I can’t transfer music […]

Pros and Cons?

That’s something I’ve been thinking about all day. The Pros and Cons of the job. Pros: A guaranteed job, a lot more money, more experience, something slightly different. Cons: Far away (North London, takes me 2 1/2 hours each way), more travel expenses, ex-workmates. So yeah, that’s the pros and cons. I think my main […]


I knew it. I wrote a whole paragraph last night in my entry in which I said that I hope it’s not a company where I know that there are many ex workmates. But I deleted it. I wish I hadn’t… Anyways, the company is located in North Finchley which is in North London. Oh […]

Big news!

I’ve got an Job interview on Friday at 11am in London!!! It’s the same kind of job, but paid 17-19k (plus 5 weeks holidays) and PERMANENT. Yes, Ladies and gentleman, your eyes are not deceiving you, it’s a permanent job. None of this crappy tempwork, 6 months bullshit. Permanent, baby! :D Basically as far as […]

What am I doing?

Hello all you lovely blog readers. :) Well, I’m running out of money, so if anyone of you lovely, lovely ppl would like to contribute and share some yours with me, that’d be highly appreciated. ;) Job search is going as well as always (read: shit). I’ve applied for a few more places today and […]


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