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New theme?

Been messing about a bit with some themes. What do you guys think of this one, “unsleepable”? Any feedback is appreciated. :D Cheers, Cat

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Been busy

You guys haven’t seen me on here lately, I’ve had a lot going on and still have. It’s pretty much everything from me losing me new job to all the worries that that includes. I don’t know what I want … Continue reading

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Which game is it?

I came across this earlier. Who can tell me which game this is from? :P Hint: I really want to play that game again and can’t believe I sold it. :( Winner get’s a cookie. :D

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Games related Blogs and Sites

Now you may have seen that I’ve updated my blogroll with some new links again. Let me introduce you to some of the blogs and sites out there: Matchbox360 is a UK based gaming site that offers 360 and Xbox … Continue reading

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George Lucas does Lord of the Rings

I came accross this the other day. It’s about 8 minutes long, but well worth watching. :D (And yes, before anyone wonders I have finally figured out how to embed Youtube videos. So expect loads more. :D )

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Matchbox360 XL LAN

“Matchbox360 is proud to present XL, the biggest Xbox and Xbox 360 e-sports tournament for the United Kingdom in 2006. Taking place in the Toute Suite of the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre (NEC) on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th of … Continue reading

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Do not fear, the Cat is back… ;)

So, I’m gone for a few days and what do I come back to? Many many emails from a guy called Bobby who is very concerned that I may not be able to go to the pharmacy as it’s so … Continue reading

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