Wow, I’m so confused

I do apologise for my early morning post. It really wasn’t meant that way.

The company is still as crap as always and they’ve changed a few things which make it even worse. But the people will make it hard. I know that it was a good and bad idea at the same time to go to work. Everyone seems genuinly happy for me and sad for me leaving. And I enjoyed laughing with them, but it also felt strange. Like I was an outsider. I didn’t realise a few weeks can do that. I will miss a hell of a lot of people and I hope that most of them will come for a drink on Thursaday and I know that most will definitely. I’m also getting a few people that left ages ago to join us aswell. The sad thing is that I probably won’t stay in contact with most that I got on with so well. That’s just the way things go.

Note to self, make a list of people who I definitely want to see again.

I also played some amazing games today, but that’s all I can say about that. All I can say is that they were mostly better than I thought. ;)

Oh, and I quit. I went into HR and said:

“There is 3 things I need to talk to you about.

1. I’ve got a new job starting monday and this thursday will be my last day here.

2. I expect to be working until/including Thursday. You owe me that much after 3 years.

3. I need a reference by tomorrow morning 9am.

That’s almost word for word what I said and she agreed. When I left her office I heard her calling up main HR in Redhill or where ever and saying: “We’ve got a problem, Cat just quit…”. I VERY much enjoyed that moment. VERY, VERY much indeed.

So, as I’m working again tomorrow and didn’t get any sleep last night, I’m going to bed now.

Good Night.


Music: Nina Simone, My baby just cares for me.

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