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XL video

Ben Furfie from did a nice video about XL. Well, we only had 16 360 pods, compared to the 18 mentioned in the video, but at least you get the pleasure of seeing quite a few staff members in there for a few seconds each, including my lovely self… Cat

After the storm

So XL is now well and truly over and I’m still catching up with sleep. I wonder how much longer that will go on for. So, now it’s time to look into the future. I have a job interview next week which should be good (hopefully) and that also means that I can look a […]

XL is over

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you my time at XL: This was all one very, very long day, but it was well worth it. I didn’t sleep Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday night and set off to XL early on Friday morning feeling kind of tired. I arrived at the NEC at around 1.30pm and thought where are we? […]

Other XL stories

Here are a few XL stories from other people.

Indiana Jones meets Halo 2

Found this clip the other day. (You gotta love delayed posting. ;) ) Cat

See you on the other side, as they say!

Well, this is it, I’m off to XL LAN. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, where have you been? :P I’ll have to leave the house really early in the morning to get there, so I really should get some sleep soon. XL is going to be interesting, not only for the event […]

Arrested Development

I’ve been watching ‘Arrested Development’ quite a bit lately and I’m surprised it never really took off. It is a quality show with a quality cast and very well written. The family is just absolutely disfunctional from the dad in prison, to the car they drive to the daughter that pretends to be a movie […]

Rainbow Six Vegas demo Part 2

After properly playing the Rainbow Six demo I’ve slightly changed my opinion since the weekend. I am absolutely loving this demo now. I’ve just been playing it for the last maybe 4 hours and I’m really loving it. Terrorist mode is just so unpredictable, as enemies can be anywhere. Change the difficulty to realistic and […]

Sony E3 2006 Press Conference in 1 minute

It just never gets old, does it? ;) Cat

Might not be jobless that long…

As the title says, I’ve got a few things lined up at the moment, so it’s looking good. Fingers crossed and I might have something soon. Wish me Luck. :D Cat

Internet problems again

My internet seems to be giving up completely now. I’ve been losing connection all day. It’s kind of taking the piss a little, as we’re no longer being capped. That’s probably their way of ensuring we don’t exeed the limit. ;) Cat

Pissed off housemates ftw…. Part 2

Looks like the situation in the house might be worse than I thought. Ater the mess on Thursday it seems that Andrew has now lost the will to live here and wants to move out, as he feels he can’t live with Adam anymore. Adam hasn’t changed a bit, infact more food has gone missing […]

Less than a week to XL

It’s now less than a week to XL. Time does fly past. Who is going to go? Who stays where? And the important thing, do you look forward to XL? :D Cat

Rainbow Six Vegas demo

Just incase you didn’t know the Rainbow Six Vegas demo is on the marketplace now. It took me forever to download, as my internet is still being capped. :( First impression, the character customisation is amazing and I think it’ll be great in the full game, especially as the full game will have the vision […]

Pissed off housemates ftw….

Yes, that was sarcasm, my dear reader. Situation in the house as of now is slightly tense, more than it has been. We have now given Adam a 1 month ultimatum/trial phase and if unsatisfactory he will have to go. Spent quite a bit of time yesterday talking to everyone and trying to calm things […]

Amazing Pictures

Someone sent me these pictures the other day. I’d like to know the artist, so if anyone has seen these images before, please let me know. Otherwise, just enjoy. They are some of the best ones I have seen in a long time and so realistic. Cat

My mouse is broken

Well, not completely broken, but the wheel on my mouse broke tonight and I have no idea how it happened or how to fix it. I considered opening it and having a look, but we don’t have the right screwdrivers. It is just so very, very annoying to having to use the side scrolling to […]


Everyone constantly asks me which games I’ll get, so this is a list of games I’ll get til the end of the year: Rainbow Six Vegas. I’ll aim to get this on release (24.11. or 1.12.) and can’t wait to get into it. I loved the previous R6 titles (bar Lockdown) and the demo for […]


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