Real Life?

Does anyone remember the Dove advert in which the ‘normal’ woman gets transformed into a model? That shows a lot on how our perception of beauty is distorted and how we are willing to strive to be something that is not possible and was (partially) created in photoshop. This is the video:

I’ve found a spoof to that last night:

It made me think. We don’t want to see the man who is wasted, fat and ugly. We want to see the woman who is young and beautiful. Why aren’t we interested in real life?


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14 Responses to Real Life?

  1. Sha says:

    True…good question…but it’s the whole size zero fashion debate me thinks?


  2. carocat says:

    Very true. No point in size zero. You can’t tell me they are happy with it….?


  3. ish says:

    Excellent Adverts both of them.Almost all of those cosmetics advertisements we see involve quite a lot of photoshopping,and so do all those sexy stars in movies.It’s all fake.We don’t know what real beauty is supposed to be and we don’t wanna learn either.We’re happy believing that you’re pretty only when you’re white,blonde,slim,tall,have gorgeous eyes and all that.Nobody looks at the character,it’s all the looks factor.

    It’s actually good to see that Dove makes sensible adverts.They don’t show ugly ducklings becoming hot chicks after using their soaps unlike what Sunsilk and Fair and Lovely and others do.Their advert here in India has this normal looking Indian female telling that soaps are harmful because of their basic nature.So she does a ph-strip test which basically is used to tell whether a substance is acidic or basic and they show that Dove is the most mild amongst the soaps which I guess must be true.It’s always good to see sensible adverts.


  4. carocat says:

    Yeah, the ph strip ads used to be shown in Germany. I do like what Dove do, there were some more ads recently which were quite good.

    I can’t remember seeing this one on TV though. I think I have only seen it on the internet lately.

    Does anyone know the name of the song btw?


  5. Ashish C. says:

    We don’t want to see the man who is wasted, fat and ugly.

    I don’t mind. I’ve been seeing one in the mirror for the past 17 years! :D


  6. carocat says:

    Nice response. ;)

    And my post was meant in general. I don’t care about peoples looks. There are much more important characteristics.


  7. Ashish C. says:

    Yea me too. Like GHz clock, cores, type of RAM, optical drive… oh wait thats a PC config! Probably thats why I’ve never managed to get a gf! :D


  8. Sha says:

    Ash: Haha

    I love Doves adverts. They actually are sensible like Ash said, and make alot of sense. I especially love how they prove that underneath the photoshop that there is a normal woman like us. Did anyone see their advert where they had 20 different women, of all shapes and sizes and got them to be proud about themselves on tv?

    It does bring into the factor of the size zero debate..sorry guys for bringing this up repeatedly. What Ish said is correct as well…the adverts bring up this idea that we have to be perfect, be good looking, tall, thin, willowly and be the stuff of also puts pressure on young girls as young as 14 to use all this expensive crap to make themselves look pretty. I guess that is the way the modern world is going and companies are mostly in it for the money. Anyways..enough of a mini essay.


  9. ish says:

    @ Sha:

    They actually are sensible like Ash said

    I said that.You’re stealing away my credits! And yes,you’re absolutely correct.I’ve seen my friends doing this stuff too.Going to the gym and talking about zero calorie sugar when they should be studying! We definately need to do something about the way we percieve things


  10. Sha says:

    Whoops..did I credit the wrong person? Sawwwy…~steals the credit and credits Ish again~

    It’s crazy…was looking at a survey done in the school and in the year below me 1 in 5 girls are on a diet…why can’t people be happy the way they are? Not everyone is a stunner and I that’s what I think Dove are trying to promote, that everyone has inner beauty so go them!!!


  11. ish says:

    *feels immense pleasure at getting the credit back* Thanks Sha.


  12. carocat says:

    I hate that the media ‘forces’ you to think in a certain way. I mean, of course, we all have the choice to choose our own ideas/beliefs, but at the end of the day we get all these images non stop, how are we meant to know what is good or bad?


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  14. fatima says:

    hey guys…i think we need to think a little more critically about these ads…I think the media is sort of guiding our choices and especially our consumer choices (like someone said how do we know whats good or bad)…i think we should look at it objectively and very critically
    in teh end whether its Dove or fair and lovely (which by the same company called Unilever) they want us to buy their product
    dove campaign is all good and stuff trying to promote a healthy self image….but by telling us that we are regular people and showing us that we are all regular..its promoting its own interest and that is BUY DOVE PRODUCTS
    we need to think about this if we are to make smart decisions


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