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Anything new? Not really.

Things have been a bit quiet in my blog lately. I’ve been busy helping my friend pass her English exams which is fairly difficult to do over msn. Several forums I frequent seem to have an increase in posters (and … Continue reading

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Things that annoy me about people on internet forums

People that don’t bother reading the thread they post in. People that repeat themselves or ask questions and expect them to be answered within minutes. People that cannot spell. People that can’t back up their own arguments. People that believe … Continue reading

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Snap preview has now gone live on all blogs. Matt just blogged about it. So what does it mean? Every time you, the reader, hovers over a link in my blog, a little page preview bubble pops up displaying … Continue reading

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RSS reader

I am normally very happy with my RSS reader (Sage Firefox extension), but tonight it seems to have given up. Apparently there is no new content anywhere which is highly doubtful after not being online for a day. I never … Continue reading

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CSI Miami – One Liners

I absolutely love CSI. Yes, I am aware that it is nothing like real life and the conclusions are sometimes/often very far-fetched, but it still is a great show. Came across this montage of CSI Miami one liners that are … Continue reading

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About Phoebe

Having a pet is a lot more of an commitment then it sounds. You have to make sure they have food, a quiet place to sleep and loads of attention. I knew about all this before getting Phoebe and it’s … Continue reading

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Swimming elephants

I came accross this today, these are photos of an upcoming book, entitled ‘Elephants’, by the artist Steve Bloom. Very beautiful. Cat

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