Size Zero?

I came across this blogpost by fracas today which is about the true faces of anorexia. It reminded me about my ‘Real Life?’ post and the size zero argument that followed. Size zero is becoming more and more normal here in the UK, I’ve seen several shops now selling them and I’ve seen many girls lately that would definitely fit in one.

Whole generations of teenagers are going to grow up believing that it is the ideal. The fashion industry ‘dictates’ who we are meant to be, how we are meant to look like. We are presented with photo-shopped and fake images of ‘beautiful’ people that have spent hours getting all their make up done. They don’t differ from us when they get up. They are not glamorous all day long.

Why do we strive to be like them?

In addition, Fracas lists the commandments of pro anorexia sites, such as Starving for Perfection:

    Being thin is more important than being healthy
    You must buy clothes, cut your hair, take laxatives, starve yourself, do anything to make yourself look thinner
    Thou shall not eat without feeling guilty
    Thou shall not eat fattening foods without punishing oneself afterwards
    Thou shall count calories and restrict intake accordingly
    What the scale says is the most important thing
    Losing weight is good/ Gaining weight is bad
    You can never be too thin
    Being thin and not eating are true signs of willpower and success

Just how far do some women go to achieve something that in itself is unachievable?


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  1. Matt says:

    Ugh. I hate this. For a long while my gf was worried that she was a size 2 or something instead of a 0. Who the hell cares?

    a) It really doesn’t matter how you look
    b) 0 is just disqusting. Seeing ribs like that is downright scary.


  2. Jay says:

    They go very far indeed. MAtt.. some of them “DO” care tho :)


  3. ish says:

    Oh well everyone’s crazy about size zero these days,that’s why they’re busy making sugar without calories,butter without fat and all that stuff.


  4. Sha says:

    Seriously? They are selling them here? Disgusting I have to admit. Jay’s right, some of them go very far. One of the girls in my year became anorexic and had a few relapses. So far she’s okay.


  5. ish says:

    Ouch the picture didn’t load when I had visited earlier.It did now and it’s seriously ouch :|


  6. carocat says:

    @ Matt: As Jay said, some of them do care. That is the problem. They care so much that it’s all they can think about and that they get even thinner. did you look at fracas post? She has many more images and they are shocking.

    @ Jay: I know that they care, I just fail to see why.

    @ Ish: Yeah, they’re making stuff without everything. It’s silly. Fat free, calorie free, sugar free and what are you left with?

    @ Sha: I have seen them here. Karen Millan and Zara have them and several others as well.


  7. fracas says:

    Thanks for your post and link. I have a petition page up now. The goal is to collect enough names to make people pay attention. I have another new post up.. one that includes the “Ana Creed”.

    The whole thing is so overwhelmingly sad, we must to something about it. Thanks for helping!


  8. carocat says:

    Rescued from Akismet.

    Yeah, it is very sad, I just can’t believe that people actually think that they have to be that thin to be something and that size dictates their entire life.

    I’ve had a look at your petition, anyone else interested, have a look over at fracas blog. :)


  9. Matt says:

    I wasn’t saying they didn’t, what I meant is why should anyone care?

    You’d think they’d realize that they don’t have to be a Size 0 for people to like them..


  10. carocat says:

    That is the main problem, they just don’t think that way.

    Look at the commandments:

    Being thin is more important than being healthy
    Being thin and not eating are true signs of willpower and success


  11. fracas says:

    I know a girl who has bulimia. She’s grown up surrounded by women in her life who are constantly on a diet, always talking about being “too fat”, etc. She’s a beautiful girl who doesn’t understand why this happens to her, only that it does.

    With anorexia, one thing I learned is that they don’t see what we see when they look at themselves, kind of like living in a perpetual “funhouse mirror hell”. They truly don’t see what we see.

    We have to stop the obsession with smaller and smaller. It used to be that average size women dieted and deprived in order to say they’re a size 6 or a size 4. Well the fashion world has decided that we need to be size zero and double zero.

    My daughter is naturally slender… gets it from her dad’s side. She’s about 5’5″ and fits size 3 pants. She is beautiful and does not need to be any smaller.

    Models are expected to be 5’10” and fit a zero.. the equivalent of what an eight year old’s natural body would be.

    We need to stop this.

    Thanks Cat! I hope your housemates find work quickly!


  12. Matt says:

    The fact that it makes you look worse (at least to me) just makes me wonder why they do it even more

    I mean, what do they see in being skinny?


  13. Sha says:

    A way to become a supermodel, a celebrity, to become famous I think in answer to Matt’s question. The media play a huge roll in this, as well as the celebrities. Look at Victoria Beckham. Thin as a stick…and she’s one of the most photographied (did I make that word up?) women in Britain. Her picture appears everywhere…I think that sends a message to young girls, if you want to become famous, lose the weight and become anorexic.


  14. carocat says:

    @ fracas: Yet another one of your comments ended up in Akismet. HAve you thought about maybe using an alternative email address? Like a gmail one? And even if it’s just for your comments.

    On Topic: Did you see my post called Real life? It has a video of a Dove advert in which they spoof how adverts are normally made. Very shocking, but many people don’t see it like that. They think people wake up like that normally. Well, they don’t.

    Society makes everyone believe that that is the way everyone should be. I’m not like that and I wouldn’t want to be like that.

    I have a friend, she has been on diets ever since I’ve known here. And she is slim and thin and she still just diets all the time. And then every now and then she binges on calorie rich food with loads of fat, like she can then eat a whole chocolate cake. That is just not balanced and far worse to her body than just eating normally.

    I am definitely with you on this and I’ve seen you added me to your petition. :)

    @ Sha: The word is photographed I believe. But that is the thing. Name me 5 famous/rich people that are over weight. I can’t think of any right now.


  15. Matt says:

    Errm.. in that Dove commercial thing, I thought she looked better before all of that makeup stuffs.


  16. Sha says:

    Cat: It’s usually the guys, and even then the media pick at them for that. One celebritity I saw recently who wasn’t over weight, and infact in my opinion is the perfect size is Janet Ellis, Sophie Ellis – Bextor’s mother.


  17. carocat says:

    Hmm, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her. I don’t really follow the celebruty news. But yeah, I can’t think of any ‘normal’ looking celebs.


  18. Matt says:

    I could think of quite a few, but most of them are American so you’ve probably never heard of them..


  19. Sha says:

    Name a few Matt..most of the celebs here are stick thin…wait another celeb I think who isn’t stick thin is Patsy Kensit, what about Joss Stone too? Unless I’ve been out of the gossip for the past few months.


  20. Jay says:

    macho: “been working out, I have the abs. u see :>”

    moi: “been working out, I have the ribs. didn’t you see :>”


  21. carocat says:

    Hmmm, Matt, please do name any you can think of, the only ones I can think of are Oprah, Roseanne (although she lost weight) and that’s it really. Even Missy Elliott lost loads of weight a few years ago.

    Patsy Kensit is very thin I think, but definitely not as thin as some others.


  22. Matt says:

    Well, what do you two consider very thin? Like link me to a pic.

    Because in my opinion, Carrie Underwood is not stick thin, and she’s a very popular singer now..


  23. carocat says:

    Well, I consider Victoria Beckham too thin.

    Carrie Underwood is pretty much ideal.

    The point is, you don’t see any girls/women around that aren’t that thin.

    I’ve never heard anything about Carrie Underwwod before, btw. I had to google for her….


  24. Sha says:

    Carrie Underwood, didn’t she win American pop idol?

    Victoria Beckham is way too thin. The Daily Mail did a very interesting article on it a while back about her bones showing.


  25. Jen says:

    Life is there to be enjoyed, these people can’t be enjoying life, they don’t eat, they can’t have a drink with their friends and enjoy fancy restaurants. They get paid for looking like skeletons and causing our countries to think that this is the norm!


  26. Lora says:

    Why can’t we get over size zero? some people want to be thin, let them be?! so what? who cares?! fat is NOT where its at. (and I’m a size 16 who was once a size 6 to further my modelling career, bearing in mind I’m 6 foot. so more than allowed to have that opinion) It’s not everyones taste but some people would prefer skinny women. Segregating people who are size zero like they are leppers helps no one. It’s as foolish as seperating and pointing out black models or models with blue eyes. So freaking what. Deal with your own real life instead of trying to understand things, the majority of you just don’t.


  27. Cat says:

    But so many models and people don’t seem to know where to stop. Thos images are shocking, these peopel aren’t healthy….


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  29. listen says:

    i am a size 0 male model who happened to fall in to the industry because i was naturally skiny, idont watch what i eat or starve myself like many other female and male size 0 peopel that i know…i just eat carfully and exorcise…you should all think before you condem the people that give the image to other people


  30. Cat says:

    Well, I don’t condemn anyone who naturally looks thin, but I don’t think it’s possible to look as thin as the girl in the original post naturally.

    And these rules are just silly:

    Being thin is more important than being healthy
    You must buy clothes, cut your hair, take laxatives, starve yourself, do anything to make yourself look thinner
    Thou shall not eat without feeling guilty
    Thou shall not eat fattening foods without punishing oneself afterwards
    Thou shall count calories and restrict intake accordingly
    What the scale says is the most important thing
    Losing weight is good/ Gaining weight is bad
    You can never be too thin
    Being thin and not eating are true signs of willpower and success

    Good for you that you are thin naturally, I wish I had it as easy. :)


  31. Abby says:

    That model in the picture you posted doesn’t look like that. Her picture has been photoshopped to make thinner arms and give her ribs. In fact there are many photos out there that have been made to make models look thinner (worth 1000 has contests to see who can do it best) so take every picture online with a grain of salt. If you want to see someone with a real eating disorder search for “realthinspo” or something like that.
    That said, I don’t think pictures of models cause eating disorders, and the elusive size zero also doesn’t play a big part in it. Sizes are just used as targets once the person starts to get really sick, and if the person has any intelligence and is taller than 5’3″ they know that reaching a size zero isn’t all that likely. I’m 5’9″ and the smallest I’ve ever fit is a 2, but that was with a lot of acrobatics, lol.
    I also think it’s unfair to force models out of their jobs because of their weight. If the industry could take the time to evaluate each person individually and see if they are sick or just naturally thin, it would be better for everyone. But just like any other business, the cost of that sort of effort apparently outweighs the benefits.


  32. Cat says:

    Hi Abby.

    You make a very good point, however I don’t think that the industry will take it’s time. Instead it will most likely continue the way it is which is why I am very much for banning the overly thin models. Yes, there may be a few who will be hit by that, although they shouldn’t, but wouldn’t it be better sending a sign to all the models?

    Is it not that most people aim towards a size? I have never bothered about diets and such, but I have friends who are constantly on some sort of crashdiet to reach some sort of clothes size. Since I’ve made this post there are so many people that have come to this blog with search terms such as “How to reach Size Zero”.

    Oh and wish I wouldn’t have searched for those images, there are some really scary ones:


  33. martyn says:

    who cares who’s thin and who’s fat..seriously can someone tel me when did any of these thin people especially posh say “u must be as thin as iam” she hasnt so people should egt real stop blaming celebrities and look at their own lives, ive had bulimia since i was fourteen n i have never blamed a celebrity it was all mu own emotions etc. leave vicky alone x mwah luffles x


  34. taCdeRhctuD says:

    If you post such pics, then take the right ones!! Even a model would not be chosen for a walk if sche really looks like this!

    greetz from photoshop ;)


  35. Cat says:

    @ taCdeRhctuD: I’m getting an error when following your link?


  36. heather :D says:

    you know how most girls hate to look fat? my friend ( i ont tell you her name ), Amy, she’s terrified that people think she looks anorexic or ‘Size Zero’. she has gonna freakishly skinny legs, but chelsea is always telling people that amy’s anorexic and shes not. and it makes her really self consious. see? theres a different side to every story. heather xx


  37. thebigman87 says:

    I think I can speak for every man on the Planet when I say that is rotten, to put it bluntly you’d be scared to do anything incase you broke her.

    Golden Rule: If you Head looks as if it’s been taken of your Body and put on a 3 Yrd Old it’s time to see a counsellor.


  38. size zero sucks says:

    THE PICTURE IS FAKE! some people are just naturally skinny and can not help it……but obviously you get people who do have an eating disorder or people who just want to be skinny. its so unnatural!!! but some people can not help it!


  39. sara says:

    I think people that disagree with size zero are jelous becuase they are fat.
    How do so many people feel it’s right to comment on people that are underwieght but overwieght women arent shamed.
    You moan that size zero clothing shouldnt be sold yet you happily let fat women buy size 20’s.
    How dare you say size zero is unhealthy when obese women are at high risk of health problems too.
    Why can’t you just face it that size zero looks brilliant on the catwalk
    …. size zero is lovely and it looks so feminine and strong.

    Martyn, you are totally right… u cannot blame celebrities for gals wanting to look good
    Michelle Mcmanus gets shown in magazines but people dont copy her… its obvious that girls think size zero looks good
    and they are totally right!!!!
    So stop having a dig at all tha beautiful skinny women out ther and instead of being jelous and hating them….. go on a diet!!….xXxXx sara xXxXxX


  40. Juanita says:

    I am a size 0 and have always been about the sam esize. I have had a baby and am still a size 0. My ribs do not show as I am only 4′-11.5″ so my weight is balanced out! I find it wrong and rubbish that there are debates about size 0’s in the shops! I wish they bloody would!! it would make my life alot easier. I’d have clothes that fit instaed of clothes that hang off or just dotn look flattering atall.


  41. Jayd says:

    i think this is disguesting people look up too people like Victoria Beckham she isnt really setting a good example


  42. fab!!! says:

    i used to have anorexia. and i still havent got over it. i now find the whole subject very scary and quite humiliating. i hate looking at pictures like this ; knowing this is what drove me, gave me an aim and also that i know i was scarily actualy thinner than the girl in this photograph. i cannot imagine going back to that size, it was very scary , and you felt very fragile, every action was an effort, i was exhusted all the time, and it has ruined the family relationship some have never also changes your character, i (not wanting to seem immodest) been described as the most moral person many people know and very happy, but during this time i became decietful, secretive, paranoid, argumentitive, depressed and i lied all the time. even lying in bed was too painful as my bones stuck in to the bed , sitting of benches or seats was excuiating pavement were the worse.
    the whole size zero argument is not out of jealousy but out of fear for the health of thousands of women that can be easily drawn in; we are not stupid, but are simply vunerable,easily manipulated, insecure and mostly scared of rejection. anyone who fights against this, is seriously encouraging women and girls that to be this thin is a goal, not state to avoid.
    this blog was to shock people who dont not realise the soul purpose of the size zero ban, to protect us from eating disorders and image disorders.
    thank you


  43. someone says:

    hi!, well im 13 and i google searched size sero and clicked on the picture and i think it IS good because you dont have to worry about much like weight wise and its everywhere, so why cant we do it (girls). i also think that it wouldnt do any harm to your body because you will get used to it and it looks nice!


  44. Hayley says:

    I belive pople can look how they want to look


  45. Bobert says:

    they look disgusting :D


  46. gonhorea says:

    Yodulll :D


  47. ashante says:

    have you seen her she is sick and the girl who write that we are jealous of her can think again i am a size 6 and would hate to be like her i have a flat stomach and a nice slender figure and my ribs do not hang out like that THANKGOD.
    she does not look heathy at all she will probably colapse like the other size 0 model on the cat walk. i do not think iam fat and would not become a size 0 just to walk on the cat walk


  48. me says:

    size zero is the best size to be. im size 10 (UK) which is a 6(UK) i think? but id much prefer to be a zero


  49. me says:

    size zero is the best size to be. im size 10 (UK) which is a 6(USA) i think? but id much prefer to be a zero


  50. Rachel says:

    I have jus recieved a myspace bulletin containing pictures of ‘sie zero girls’. I read a comment somebodyhad left saying that people who say it looks disusting are jelous. Well.. i think it is depressing to see and embarassing. Im just under a size 6. No bones show or stickout and i love my figure. I eat junk food all the time and what i want when i want. I should weeigh aout 15 stone!!!! If people ask me if i think im fat or i shud stop eating junk food i jus laugh and say i dont think i fat and i eat it because i can.

    My friends are always going on aboutt how they wished they were my size and thinnerrr. A couple of them are on diets. And its all of you out there who make being thin a big deal.

    I think anorexic people are partly attention seekers.


  51. Tara says:

    I think size zero is sexy. I’m not quite a size zero but I am going to do everything I can to get there. The more bones you can see the better! XXX


  52. nikki says:

    Size Zero is disgusting. Anyone one who wants to become this needs to see a theropist…fast. The more bones the worse!! Many people have died from becoming Anorexic, which IS what we’re talking about. If you spoke to anyone that has been Anorexic prevoiusly, they would say that if they could have their time over again, they would never make such I stupid mistake again. Believe me, I know, I have spoken to 25 different people and I was once a size zero mself. It is the most painful experience ever. :(


  53. Emilyy :| says:

    Okayy :|
    Anoo some people think its really bad looking xP
    Buhh i want it sooo much :|
    I live in northern ireland in derry xP And lak i dont excatly noo wahh your body looks like whenn ur a size zero =] Buhh am sure der is pently of wee girls in derry a size zero xP
    Plzz can you tell mehh wahh foods too eat =] xX
    Emilyy xX


  54. Amyy says:

    i agree with emilyy :)
    im 14 im 5’5 and i fit in size zero clothes. but i dno why?? im disgusting and fat ewwwwww.
    a wna be thinn :(
    would appreciate if emilyy commented me back please :)


  55. anna says:

    i think this thin and fat thing is rediculous. i have spent years trying to be skinny, just for confidence, not because i think skinny is great but because there are less imperfections. Size zero’s i feel have less chance of cellulite or stretch marks they don’t have stomachs that overlap jeans etc. a lot of black dancers in music videos are nothing short of a size 12 easily but they look amazing because most of them are just naturally toned, they don’t have stretch mark nd cellulite issues. I no if i was skinnier i would be able to get undressed in front of a man or wear a short skirt without any confidence issues. And althoug being this thin may be unhealthy most things we do to ourselves are, nd i think in a huge way many people are jealous. why shouldnt a bit of bone show through we all have them? i no for a fact i would rather see a skinny person walking down the street in trendy clothes looking amazing than a size 18 girl squeezing into something and looking outragious in the process.


  56. tia says:

    i dont no were to get my clohtes fron i think im a siz 4 or something and i cant get tht size anywere i need to find somewere


  57. JohnN says:

    This Size Zero debate, keeps going on. I believe the media are to blame, they are such hypocrites. There is a good article about this subject if u click on my name. No spam. Honest!


  58. Danielle says:

    i do think that size zero has become a major thing now ! but i think some celbrites look nice even if they are a size zero they dont nessercerly have to be skin and bones some are naturally petite!!!

    but i think as long as your happy you should stay your size!!!! (:



  59. Sidra says:

    There have been a lot of comments on this article and I for one can’t look through them all, so this may have already been said. I’m going to try and be as breif as possible so don’t mind the sentence fragments. Weight is not a simple issue. Since all of us are differently proportioned we should take that into account. Height and frame should always be taken into consideration for this argument. Being short and a size zero is not unhealthy. Short women cannot be lumped into this argument as unhealthy just because they wear a zero…an example of short and too thin is Nicole Richie. Tall women should not feel that they can wear a zero just because short women can. It isn’t the same thing… take Misha Barton for example. Everyone is different, but EVERYONE should strive to be at THEIR OWN level of HEALTHY. Don’t be thin because you think it’s in. Don’t bash zero because you think that since it looks unhealthy on your body type it does on all body types. Stop getting angry at an arbritary label. JUST BE HAPPY AND HEALTHY!


  60. Ashan says:

    Ann… you are so wrong. I’m a size zero and I’ve got that belly thing going on and a little bit of cellulite… It makes sence because I’m petite and you can’t look at a tall person’s weight and a short person’s weight in the same way.


  61. emily says:

    horrilbe skinny women ugh is mingin tripple cring


  62. em says:

    people only feel confident with themsleves when they are confident with the way they look, and if they feel confident being skinny, then fine. that is how i feel i no i am skinny as my friends and family tell me everyday and i see photos of me so i know what i look like.
    guys cant hate it that much as i have had more boyfriends that my mate who is size 10(uk) and pretty, i am size 4(uk), and 5ft5″. she is single at the moment but im in a 3 month relationship. it doesnt look that bad…what does look bad is muffin top, rolls, and cellulite….can no one else see that?
    wb what yu thinkx


  63. Sarah says:

    well basically fat isnt nice and supper skinny isnt nice! so no body can really win. im doing a size 0 debate for a drama project and i dont think sticking out bones look attractive they just look unhealthy and not v.nice to be honest but if someone thinks it looks good then fair enough, it’s up to them. Why should anyone else tell them what’s attractive? although i would be worried because there is so many health issues regarding it. However it’s the same as being fat. fat is unhealthy and not very attractive but people should be allowed to look how they want and so long as they’re happy and confident about their figure who are we to judge?


  64. Cat says:

    Yeah, very true.

    Do let us know how your project went, sounds interesting!


  65. Beckii says:

    I think that size zero models are just so ugly. Im not being offensive but all u just see is bones and all that.
    I used to wish i was like them but now to be honest i dont really care. I am who i am.
    I wont die of starvation before im 30.
    Im 15 and already i know this is wrong and i dont think enough is being done to stop tennage girls and young women being size zero!


  66. Cat says:

    No, I agree with you on that. So many magazines ‘condemm’ size zero yet looking at the front page and the pictures in them nearly all the girls displayed look too thin for their own good.


  67. Taylor says:

    Eww i mean does she even realize how ugly she looks like dat i mean dats just nasty her head is freakin bigger than her body im suprised she ant dead


  68. Jo says:

    I am relly skinny, or so my parents think. But i dont think im too skinny!! mi mum tries to make me eat more, but i dont want to! I really like candy and all that, but somehow i stay skinny. the pic at top of page is GROSS! my ribs do show, but not THAT much! i like my sive, too.


  69. Rochelle says:

    Carrie Underwood is FAT FAT FAT! hehe P.S CAROCAT people who put links to photographics are sad sad FAT lonley geeks. Thats all i have to say about that. btw random name hehehe…

    i am a true berleaveer that size zero is sexy! hehe
    and i am also a true berleaveer that women over a size 10 should stay indoors. i mean whyd they even make clothes so big? there are poor kids in africa having to make those clothes and proberly cannot help but think, the buyers of these clothes are fat, im jus glad i have limitid food. In fact i know that over 200 africanes get lost in size 10 clothing and rarely get found. This gives me enough reason to hate every fat bitch out there!
    You see, folk like me, a size zero, are like miniture versions of queen-la-teeth-a everybody loves queeny and everybody perhaps more love size zeros!


  70. Pammy21 says:

    This is really sad I don’t know why people want to be so small. I was born small. I eat and eat but I’m just small. I always wanted to be larger. Being size 2 and 0 is a pain many times. You want to wear the cute springy dress that you see, but oh, your legs are way too thin. Guys always tell you, “I could pick you up” just because you are small! And my goodness people always think you are all looks and no get up and do something hard like backpacking (which is fun by the way.) Someone asks me why I’m not eating at a time I’m just not wanting to eat and no matter what you tell them they think, “Oh, she is one of those girls who is starving herself.” Or the person who never sees how you can really eat happens to catch you looking at yogert and they shake their head. You know what they are thinking. Don’t try to be thiner than you should why be bothered with size zero unless you are made that way? Trust me it is a pain.


  71. pinklolly101 says:

    if you gaina bit of weight then you could be a supermodel but you can’t if your anorexic.


  72. abjbangs95 says:

    Size zero is disgusting.Who thinks they look good they look like skin & bones.David beckham must be crazy having sex with posh when shes so skinny i’d be worried about cracking her bonesIf your in a interracial relationship i’m not bothered unless your partner or their family want to change who you are and your beliefs to suit them. please add me on bebo or if your not on bebo well you can view my profile >>


  73. pinklolly101 says:

    actually i’m pretty sure that picture IS fake


  74. Lorna says:

    All I want to say is I am size zero,I eat a healthy diet and I am not afraid of eating what I want.I often eat chocolate but I just don’t put on weight.the thing is everyones metabolism is different.I may only be 16 but my mum is the same and was just under 7 stone when she was in her 30s and at the moment I am 6 stone 11 so this is not un healthy its due to genes and metabollism.I do not think we should encourage young girls to be annorexic or bulimic however it is not wrong to be natrually skinny and healthy.So leave size zero alone.It may not be the perfect size but theres nothing wrong with me.Do not look down at girls who are skinny.


  75. sophie says:

    i think that photo is discusting and that woman looks like she is about die.Why would anybody want to look like that it is unnatural and ugly.
    this woman needs help and i understand that she has a problem – but what really annoys me is the fact the there is people who let this woman get like this and still let her be a model to the stage that she may die and many size zero models have died.
    the perfect size is something that looks natural and is healthy.


  76. sophie says:

    oh and them commandments are discusting whoever wrote them should seriously be ashamed-its like the devil wrote them or something.Im a size 8 and i am happy with my wieght . If the girl who said that women who are over a size ten shouldnt leave their houses really thinks that then well why should people under a size 8 be able to leave their houses either.
    I would rather be fat than skinny


  77. Emma says:

    Ew, that pic is disgusting. Here in America, everybody watches tv and ALL the commercials,shows, etc. hav naseatingly thin grls and dudes with beer bellies! I mean c’mon! where’s the fairness in that? It is so hard to be a teenager with all this going on.


  78. Libby says:

    i fink ur fat thats y u dont like it.


  79. Cat says:

    Hi Libby and thanks for that very constructive comment. Do you think it’s acceptable for someone to look like their bones are about to burst out of their body?


  80. Megan says:

    I am size 0 but you cannot see any of my bones, my legs are a little twiggy mind, but you cant see my ribs, and my collar bones dont stick out either. I am about 5ft 6 and weigh no more than 6st 11, and the amount i eat is more than healthy, i worked for nearly 3 years in a Dominos Pizza so no worries about how much i munch. Not all size zeros are discusting and selling size 0 clothes on the high street is brill, too many times i have stomped out of stores close to tears as nothing fits!


  81. Cat says:

    You should have a look in Karen Millen, provided you have some money! Beautiful clothes all for size zero.


  82. jade-adelle says:

    Seeing every rib, every bone in their bodies IS ugly. It just reminds me when visiting a third world country and seeing starving dogs and/or children on the street. We’re outraged when we see that. We should have been outraged by this long ago, we should have stopped size zero before it got to far, and people dying just to look good it’s all sad we shouldn’t care what ppl look like it’s who they are that matter’s right??


  83. Emanuel says:

    I wonder what will do about this :D



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