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Shivering Isles update

I still haven’t bought Shivering Isles, mainly as I didn’t have any MS points and as I was a bit put off with the issues there apparently were. Well, there is an update coming out next week and I’m thinking … Continue reading

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The 15th of May….

…. is only 18 days aways which also means that it’s only 18 days to my birthday. I’ve given up with hints btw, hence the direct post. ;) Amazon UK clicky link Amazon Germany clicky link You can also find … Continue reading

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SHReK the THiRD achievement points for the game

As I have mentioned in several posts before, I am quite looking forward to the new Shrek film and game. Been playing the demo a few more times since my last posts and I will definitely buy it. The achievement … Continue reading

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360, cracking down and forums

So…. It’s been an interesting few days. Received Crackdown through the post on Monday. It’s a semi futuristic GTA type game with ability upgrades and generally quite fun. The main selling point is that it contains the Halo 3 beta … Continue reading

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2nd Cousin twice removed?

English can be a difficult language. There are so many words or terms that I don’t know, even after living here for almost four years. Especially when it comes down to family relations. This image sums it all up perfectly: … Continue reading

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Everyone turning into stalkers?

Came across this during my more random internet travels. I use Google a lot. And I have used it to lookup people, find phonenumbers, addresses and such like. Google anyones name and you can see heaps of information on them … Continue reading

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix trailer

There is a new trailer out for Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix. It’s taking a few elements from the first trailer, but is a lot better. This is based on my favourite Harry Potter book, the idea … Continue reading

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