Shivering Isles update

I still haven’t bought Shivering Isles, mainly as I didn’t have any MS points and as I was a bit put off with the issues there apparently were. Well, there is an update coming out next week and I’m thinking I should really get it now. I should have the points later on today and I have been waiting for it quite a while.

However, meanwhile I have heard that there are many unhappy people with it. Most say it is a lot shorter than people make it out to be and that 30 hours will complete the entire expansion and it’s sidequests.

I’ve got too many games to play at the moment anyway: Crackdown, Alien Hominid, Need for Speed Most Wanted and Rainbow Six…. Plus the rest of Oblivion – I have maybe 15 sidequests and a few shrines left.

Should keep me busy for a bit?

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3 Responses to Shivering Isles update

  1. becky says:

    I was really disappointed in shivering isles. personally I do not think it is worth the points and it certainly is not 30 hours long. buy at risk :)


  2. Cat says:

    You see, I’ve heard that from a few people now. I am going to wait a bit longer, especially as I’ve got my birthday coming up and I’m hoping to get some MS points. :)

    Haven’t seen you around much, Becky and you’re not blogging that much. You ok?


  3. Carol says:

    Hi Cat,

    I got the extra pack and is beautiful.
    Of course, it is much shorter and easier to play, totally different.
    There are new things in, such an addictive drug, powers…

    To be honest, i like the pack and i am about to play the last piece of it.


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