Goodbye Suki

I’ve not been on here or online much in the last few days and life’s generally been a bit shitty. As I don’t do much during the day I have been looking after Andrew and Ian’s dogs: Suki and Bella. This has been going on since the end of December and it’s only me, the cats and the dogs during the day.

Suki 2006Last saturday Ian was away and Andrew had to work, so it was just me in the house again. Not a problem, apart from that Suki wasn’t doing well. She was hiding in a corner, breathing heavily and not interested in food. This got worse throughout the evening and we were all getting worried.

The apathy increased on sunday [which was a very dramatic day in the house anyway] and they made the decision to take her to the vet late sunday evening where she got given some antibiotics. These seemed to do the trick, she was energetic, wanted food and generally walked around a bit.

That was the last time she was showing any initiative.

Yesterday she looked even worse and didn’t move at all, didn’t even drink any water or go outside. Whenever I tried picking her up and getting her to stand she just collapsed.

Andrew bought some antibiotics in the evening, but they had no effect and Suki was still lying motionless on the sofa.

And then later on in the evening we thought she died. She was in acute pain, stopped breathing and her body was convulting. Turns out she was still breathing and Andrew and Ian rushed her to the vet again. She had to stay there over night and they gave him the choice of investigating her mystery illness further or to just let her go.

As expected Andrew wanted to do anything possible, but it was simply too late this afternoon. She wasn’t responding to anything, didn’t move apart from laboured breathing, so Andrew had to have her put down.

She has been his and his Mum’s dog for over 10 years and been with him through a lot.

As for me, well, she finally started liking me over the last half year or so after simply tolerating me before. She actually came to me when I called her name and liked my company.



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11 Responses to Goodbye Suki

  1. thebigman87 says:

    Yea I was gutted my my First Dog died, especially seeing him there in the Middle of the Road knowing there was nothing I could to. He was hit 2 times by a Car and the sad thing is he was running to play with another dog.

    Not until you lose a Pet do you really know how shattering it can be, I was quite surprised to be honest.

    That’s a very sad story, especially when you get use to someone being around for so long and then the next day hes gone.


  2. Sha says:



  3. It’s a sad story but I do recommend that you grieve the loss. So many people just try to push all thoughts of those that have gone from their minds and “get on with life”. IMO that’s not an expression of respect and it’s not a healthy thing to do.
    Grieving is a process and the reason we have for participating in it from beginning to end is because deep down we know that leaving “unfinished business” in the corners of our minds and hearts is not a healthy thing to do.

    I had no choice but to say goodbye to my two old and ill horses in November. Part of the grieving process for me is remembering the good times we had to relive them. Not all of the grieving process is sad when I sit with these memories I smile and laugh. Celebrate Suki’s life and what she brought to your life – get in touch with your memories and weep when you need to.



  4. Matt says:

    Aww… I remember losing my cat a few years ago, it’s so hard. At least she’s not in pain anymore, I guess.. :(

    Really sorry, Cat


  5. So sorry to hear about your loss.


  6. Cat says:

    Thank you very much for your kind comments. I appreciate it.

    I’m a little worried about my housemates, Andrew seems to be handling it a little too well. He was down yesterday, but he seems to be fine today which I think is either an act or he just hasn’t registered it fully yet.

    I’ve just spent a lot of time with my cat and the kittens today.


  7. Sorry to hear that. Looked like a cute dog :)


  8. My cat (a name, BIKE) died of a traffic accident eight years ago. I was sad. But I want to believe that BIKE when I live was happy.


  9. Cat says:

    Thank you very much for stopping by. :)

    How old was Bike?


  10. goldcoaster says:

    Very, very sad. I feel for you folk.
    We have a puppy and I can tell already if something happened to him that my wife and son (and me) would be devestated.

    BTW, thanks for the comment.


  11. Cat says:

    Thank you.

    It feels strange she isn’t around any more and I’ve got a feeling that Bella [the other dog] and the cats are missing her too.


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