Republish your first post!

It’s that first post, writing it, proof reading it and publishing it that starts it all off. The first post on the first blog that is the beginning of the end as you only then realise just how much time you spend blogging!

Often you’re not sure what you want the blog to be about. Is it meant to be a strictly personal blog, a news blog or do you crave hits and watch the stats like nothing?

Well, this is my blog, aptly called ‘Cat’s Blog’ and everything on here is either something I do or something that relates to what I do. It is not my first blog, but it is the first blog I actually feel that it’s part of me and that I mainly enjoy keeping up. A lot has changed since that very first post September the 4th 2006 which is now just over a year ago. In that time I’ve had just over 100.000 readers, found many people with similar interests [or even completely different ones!] and just realised on how much I enjoy blogging.

Since then I’ve changed my blog from blogging exclusively about my personal life to blogging about various interests, such as gaming, films, books, various sites and stuff and gained more and more regular readers. Thank you. :)

I’m back

Well, after I lost the password from my last blog and didn’t really have anything interesting to talk about, many of you haven’t heard from me in a while. I’m also blaming this on not having the internet for 6 weeks (just how did I survive?) and my life just generally being crap.

So what have I been up to? In case some of you are wondering, I’m still living in Reading, UK, still living with the lovely Andrew and Ian (I love you guys) and we have a new addition Adam. I’m also still working at the same place, although the way work is going there, god knows. It sucks and it really stresses me out. I’ve been tempted to just walk out for months now.

In other news, I have now got a cat. Her name is Phoebe, she is 14 months old and absolutely gorgeous. As I’m writing this, she’s happily sleeping on my lap. :)

So yeah, more from me soon, I’ll try and update this more regularly.

Take care,


This is part of Kirk M.’s [Just Thinkin’] little project, the ‘Republish Your First Post-A Friendly Challenge‘. This is open to anyone who is interested. Ish, Sha, Ashish, I am looking at you. And anyone else who is interested.


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21 Responses to Republish your first post!

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  2. aLiNe says:

    Welcome back =)


  3. magnetobold says:

    Hi Cat,

    Just wanted to pop in and congratulate you on your choice for your cats name :) I had a cat called Pheobe as a teen. I loved that cat! And not being a ‘cat person’ – I am more a chia pet, pet rock person – that’s saying something.
    I have linked back to you from my blog. Loving the Save the Vowels!


  4. Ashish says:

    Phoebe now has kids and is a mother… ah good old times! :P

    I’ll do this first thing tomorrow. I believe in a post per day schedule… hey my reader’s don’t have my superior brains with solid state capacitors, now do they? :P

    So, are you open to memes now? *sweet smile*


  5. Ashish says:

    Kewl header btw. Now I know why I was flapping around like a fish when you weren’t around! :P

    [Yes, fish because you hate ’em. HATE ME!! :P ]


  6. Ashish says:

    *flapping around like a fish without oxygen

    I should quit multitasking too much… lol


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  8. Ashish says:

    I posted it today, as you can see [4th comment lucky perhaps?] from the pingback above. Probably not going to be online tomorrow… downtime so I thought why not post it today itself and give my readers “low capacity brains” a much needed run… trust me, you all have cobwebs! :P

    I’ll definitely say one thing, Good to have you back again Cat! :)


  9. Cat says:

    @ magnetobold: Thank you. Yes, it’s all about saving the vowels txt spk is very annoying.

    I’m well on my way in becoming a crazy cat person. Got five of them now!!

    @Ashish: 4 comments?!

    No memes, this isn’t a meme, just a little project. I have an idea for a project of mine own, but more on that a later point.

    And thank you very much. :)


  10. ish says:

    Oh, nice header. Now I understand what you meant by your friend knows exactly what you want. Great job!

    I like this idea a lot, will take the challenge and do the post tonight. That if anything else doesn’t come up.


  11. Cat says:

    This is just the temporary header btw and definitely not the final result!

    The final one will be up at some point, gotta get the images together first. PLus I think I might get very busy soon!

    It would be great if you join in, the more, the merrier. Just make sure you link back to Kirk’s Blog or more specifically this post:


  12. Sha says:

    Lol. I could do this to celebrate my first year blogging properly! I will do it at some point. Just keep prodding me until I do it though!


  13. Sha says:

    Cat, what do you type to get that yellow box on your page with your first post in? I still can’t figure it out lol.


  14. Ashish says:

    Yes, I know its a project, but since you linked us, you passed it on to us. So I just asked if we were allowed to pass “little projects” called memes back? :P


  15. Cat says:

    I just linked you guys, cause I didn’t know whether you all read my blog regularly again and that you might miss it. I don’t accept Memes, so you can link me all you want. :P

    If I like one, I pick it, but that’s it!

    I’m thinking of having a little community writing project soon though if anyone’s interested. :)


  16. Sha says:

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll be interested in the project.


  17. Cat says:

    Sounds good. I’ve got a couple ideas, but I’m not too sure which one yet. :)


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  19. Cat says:

    I’ve closed the comments on this due to the insane amount of spam for this post.


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