Every year various TV stations are competing for the viewers by bringing newer and bigger things to our screens. Some raise to cult status withing weeks, others are a little slower to capture the viewers hearts.

I always seem to be catching on to the hype late. There was Lost which I gotten bored of after a couple episodes and then Heroes which I never really watched. For the past months everyone has been praising Heroes, calling it the next big thing, better than Lost.

I figured it was about time to see what it is really like and see why everyone’s been making such a fuss about it.

Heroes is about people with special abilities all over the globe who are slowly discovering them over the course of the series. In addition, there is an Indian professor who investigates them all and all the characters’ stories interlink.


    The Texan cheerleader who is invincible.The New York spoilt rich kid who believes he can fly.The Japanese businessman who can see in the future and is now trying to prevent a nuclear attack on New York.

    The policeman who can read minds and is on the chase of the serial killer Sylar.

    The serial killer who’s been on a killing streak across America.

    The stripper and her son that are escaping from the mob.

    The painter who is addicted to drugs and paints pictures and comics set in the future.

The cast so far

And several others.

The concept very much reminds me of the film Crash 2005 which also contains seemingly individual stories that after a while seem to link up and connect to each other.

Four episodes in and the series has many similarities to Lost. Every episode, every scene raises more and more questions and leaves the viewer confused wanting more.

I hope that unlike Lost it will actually explain something…


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17 Responses to Heroes

  1. Ish says:

    First thing, why am I being made to enter my name and mail etc. when I’m already logged into my WordPress.com account? Is this because of the custom domain?

    And secondly, Heroes sounds like a little different version of Justice League. All I can say is that some days back there was this hype that some Indian actress is going to work in the series. Let’s see.


  2. Matt says:

    1) It’s nothing like the Justice League mate, closer to X-men.
    2) Hiro can’t see into the future and isn’t a business man. He is a Japanese office worker who can bend time and space.

    I like Lost because the storyline are much broader and emcompass and entire storyline instead of resolving things in a couple of episodes like most of the tripe on TV today. Heroes is the same but just more awesomer (yes thats a word…..that i just made up but still) and i suggest you keep watching. After about episode 11/12 it just gets amazing. 3 episodes into the 2nd series and it just gets better and better!


  3. Sha says:

    Lol…sorry gotta poke holes in your post above:

    a) Peter isn’t a spoilt rich kid who can fly. He’s a hospice nurse from a rich family and can absorb abilities.

    b) Hiro isn’t a business man, more a worker in a cubical who can bend space and time momentum..ie he can travel back in time as well as slow or head into the future.

    c) And the stripper has a dual personality and the son…you discover his ability later in the future. You also missed out on his father. D.L

    d) As for Sylar…watch Heroes..

    Sorry Cat for the above lol…as you can see I’m addicted to Heroes :P


  4. Cat says:

    Ish: I have no idea, but I had some slight problems with the wordpress servers, maybe it’s related.

    Do you mean the animated Justice League? If so it’s nothing like it.

    And one of the main characters in Indian and a couple sidecharacters too.

    Matt: Apologies about Hiro, that is what I meant to say. Really! :p

    Sha: It was late when I typed this, ok?!

    Peter seemed like a spoilt kid at the beginning, rich family and all.

    Hiro, well, business man, man in cubicle, all the same, he’s not a worker, that;s for sure.

    Niki/Jessica: That wasn’t obvious after four episodes. It was more like wtf is going on.

    Now Sylar was mentioned to me so many times before I started watching it and I was a little tempted.

    Anyways, I’ve now finished it and shall make a new post about it in the next couple days.


  5. Sha says:

    Lol. Sorry didn’t realised you’d typed it up that late :P

    The niki and Jessica thing was very confusing at the beginning. I have to agree with that. It’s not until you get quite deep into it you can understand.

    Sylar….a nutcase sums it up.

    Anyways, glad you’ve finished it…did you like it?


  6. spritesmobile says:

    I love heroes!! Brilliant series. I was never into the likes of Lost, 24, etc, but somehow this series has me hooked.

    Up to episode 15 now and things are starting to come together and make sense.

    One thing that I still do not understand though is the blonde woman and her strong alter ego. I don’t understand that pair and how the nice side of her keeps going all weird.


  7. Ashish says:

    I only saw a bit of a Heroes episode once where one japanese [well south-east asian] guy sort of saves a girl or something.

    The only show I see is Lost, but I used to see Malcom in the Middle. Most of the times, the timings of the shows do not suit me… saas-bahu india rules the teevee at night. lol.


  8. Natalie says:

    I too never got into Lost or 24, but was instantly hooked on Heroes. It is superbly shot – like a mini-film every week. Am loving the twists, but also it is starting to make sense, as the characters stories come together.

    Apparently (unlike Lost) there is an “ending” to Series 1 of Heroes.

    You have to watch the “after-show” bit on BBC2 afterwards – you would not believe how Nathan Petrelli looks in real-life!


  9. Ashish says:

    Another week and I’m bringing back the Salmon [and some prawns].

    And yes, that was a threat. :P


  10. Gaskin says:

    They’re the worst descriptions of the characters I’ve ever seen. Lmao.


  11. Cat says:

    Anyone complaining about my character description, that was done after four episodes when not much was known about the characters!


  12. Ashish says:

    that was done after four episodes when not much was known about the characters!
    Sort of like writing an essay on your mom two days after you’re born? :P


  13. Cat says:

    Yeah, something like that…


  14. Trent says:

    I suggest you do like I did and just wait for the end of the season and then rent or buy the complete series. I did that with Season 1, five days before season 2 started and watched them in a row over those days. Lots of the show without the commercials. Much better.

    Now I watch it every week and just get pissed off about having to wait the week. Kind of spoils it. Good thing each show they intro about the past 3 episodes to keep you up to date!

    Still nothing like my watching the first 5 seasons of Soprano’s in a weekend though…… ;)


  15. Cat says:

    Yep, that’s what I did, watched it all in one go over 3 days! Same with Lost, etc.

    It ruins shows so much when they’re broken up into weekly episodes with advertisement.

    Now the Sopranos are definitely on my list, but 5 seasons in one weekend, how is that humanly possible?!


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