The October ’07 digest.

October’s been a month in which I didn’t blog much again, but there were a few changes to the blog and my live. This is incase you missed any of it.

I’ve moved, watched Heroes [amongst other stuff] and played too much Halo 3. This blog also has a new domain –

  • Blame Halo 3

    This is an excellent parody on people that are playing too much Halo 3, myself included. Oh and as we’re on the subject of Halo 3, head over to my new ‘My Halo 3‘ page which has my stats and some screenshots. Cat EDIT: Came across the lyrics as well now. Enjoy!

  • I’m going to be busy in the next few months…

    … playing many games.Yep, it’s that time of year again, the Christmas rush is under way and many promising games are coming out. Sadly there are also way too many games I am looking forward to play, not to mention all the games that I am still playing, including Project Gotham Racing 4 and of…

  • So it’s been a while

    I will personally prosecute everyone that says moving house is easy. It really is not. Couple that with my mobile breaking and me being ill and I can safely say it’s been a ‘fun’ time. Technically I’m still ill, I’ll need a few more days to get my energy back, but at least most of […]

  • Heroes

    Every year various TV stations are competing for the viewers by bringing newer and bigger things to our screens. Some raise to cult status withing weeks, others are a little slower to capture the viewers hearts.I always seem to be catching on to the hype late. There was Lost which I gotten bored of…

  • Welcome to

    As Ashish already pointed out [and he noticed within minutes!] this blog now has a new domain and no longer includes the bought quite a while ago, mainly to reserve it as was already taken and I wanted to make sure that this one is mine, especially as I…

  • I have the keys!

    As of yesterday I finally have the keys and can start moving and setting up furniture. Not too sure if the actual move is something to look forward to, but the final result will be worth it. View of the fireplace and the mirror above it! Currently I am aiming to have fully moved by Tuesday, […]


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One Response to The October ’07 digest.

  1. Cat says:

    Digest post done using //engtech’s Yahoo pipes system. More info over at the Internetductape.


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