Blog Community Writing Project Update 1

Just a little reminder, the Community writing project is underway and you have until this weekend to submit your entries.

You can write about either or both of the following questions:

Why do I blog? or Has blogging change you?

You have to make sure you link back to this blog, create a pingback or link your entry in the comments. For the full rules, head to the original post.

The entries so far:

Arvind – Why do I blog
Ashish – Why do I blog and has blogging changed me?
Ish – Why do I blog
Matt [Zyber] – Why do I blog and has blogging changed me?

My entry shall come within the next few days. Sha promised one for last week already, let’s see what happens. ;)

As for using this to bring Matt back to blogging, well, he’s made it back last week and made two posts. Oh and yes, i am very much aware that that just sent two pingbacks to his blog which result in emails being sent to him. After all the amount of emails sent to him as a result of our comments on his blog brought him back! :P


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8 Responses to Blog Community Writing Project Update 1

  1. Matt says:

    Who said I wasn’t going to do more posts?!

    Stop pingbacking me btw, I’m already getting too many emails!


  2. Cat says:

    Well, considering you posted two in quick succession and none since….


  3. Sha says:

    Damn it…I knew I forgot something!


  4. Ashish says:

    Right, that means I don’t have to do that again. YAY~!

    Matt: The back-o-meter says you’ve got to complete 15 posts to be granted the use of the phrase – back to blogging. Btw, you need more emails? Damn, should have told me, I’d have sent a thousand by now! :P


  5. ish says:

    Boo Cat! You should have posted the names in the order we did it. I wanted to be number 1 :(


  6. Ashish says:

    ish: Shudup dude, it should be in the order of rank. That way I’m on top as the EoW! :P


  7. Cat says:

    You’ve got til sunday, Sha!

    It’s alphabetical order, sorry! If it was by order of rank my not yet written post will obviously on top. Goes without saying really.. ;)


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