Hitman [Updated]

The Hitman movie that has been in planning for several years is finally released in the United States tomorrow and on the 30th in the UK. Other countries, have a look here.

The concept, characters and settings are taken from the very successful Hitman franchise which has so far spawned four games across multiple platforms:

  • Hitman: Codename 47 [2000]
  • Hitman 2: Silent Assassin [2002]
  • Hitman: Contracts [2004]
  • Hitman: Blood Money [2006]

The main character across all games and the film is 47, also known as Agent 47 or Mr 47, a genetically enhanced clone with extensive training in weapons, disguises and killing. When he is 30 years old 47 escapes from the asylum he had received the training in and by using his skills starts working for ‘The Agency’ [International Contract Agency] as a Hitman. Over the course of the games more details about his past become clear, such as his ‘fathers’ who contributed their genetic code, other clones like him and even upgraded ones.

Left: Timothy Olyphant in the film, Right: The CGI version in the games.

He pretty much exclusively deals with Diana, his contact at the agency, who saves him after the agency is under threat and closes in the last game ‘Blood Money’. Another game is announced for 2008.

The main gameplay element of Hitman is the variety. Players can execute their targets by assuming several disguises or possibly creating an accidental death or go into the mission armed to their teeth and killing everyone in the level. To many players the ultimate aim is to reach the ‘Silent Assassin’ rating meaning that no one saw anything suspicious.

Another big part of the game is the music. All Hitman games have featured the song ‘Ave Maria’ or ‘Ellens dritter Gesang’ by Franz Schubert. A different version sung by Luciano Pavarotti is here. The rest of the score is composed by the truly excellent Jesper Kyd.

Official movie poster

Agent 47 is played by Timothy Olyphant in the film who according to IMDb hasn’t done much that I’ve watched. The antagonist is played by Dougray Scott, someone I do have a little crush on!

Hitman has the potential to be a great film. The story works, the characters do and the games feature some lavish environments.

It is a shame to see that the trailer at least doesn’t match up to it. Whilst it uses some impressive action scenes and the all familiar music, it shows several shootouts, big weapons and none of the stealth and disguises that are such a big part of the game.

Official trailer

I hope I am wrong and the film turns out to be good. It would be nice finally seeing a decent film based on a game…



The first reviews are now in and they really aren’t promising with an average score of 36/100 according to Metaritic. Oh dear!

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5 Responses to Hitman [Updated]

  1. withmalice says:

    Hi Cat… thought I’d visit (over from the forums).

    Timothy Olyphant is currently one of my favourite actors. He was very, very good in the most excellent series ‘Deadwood’, and was the villain of the piece in Die Hard 4.
    Good actor. Never played the Hitman game, but Olyphant’s good enough to make me think I’ll go & see it.




  2. Cat says:

    Hey there and thanks for stopping by.

    I really don’t think I’ve ever seen anything and recognised Olyphant which is why I looked at the IMDb listing.

    But alas Hitman kind of seems promising for me, so I hope he or the film won’t disappoint.


  3. K8 says:

    Wasn’t Jason Stratham just made for this type of film?! I love that guy. This Olyphant guy, he was in ‘Go’ a few years back. (Excellent music in that film) It was about a super market girl who decides to buy a stash of pills from Olyphant (well kinky dealing shots!) on faith. When she’s busted, she flushes the stash and succesfully sells aspirins to kids at a party instead. The actors in that film were class. You should defo see it!

    Milla Jovovich or whatever the hell her name is didn’t do a bad job of Resident Evil. Decent..ish.


  4. Cat says:

    So many have said that now, but I not really to fussed. I’m glad Vin Diesel didn’t get it in the end, he is just too well known.

    I’ve watched parts of Go before, but never the whole film. I think I ke[t falling asleep which I do a lot when watching films at home.


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