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Dinner for One

It’s New Years Eve and living in England there is one German tradition that I miss out on year after year. In fact it’s as essential to Germany at New Year’s Eve as the Queen’s speech is to England at Christmas. Also called ‘The 90th Birthday’, Dinner for One is a sketch by the British […]

Xbox Live is playing up

Xbox Live was having problems again tonight. Major Nelson’s Twitter [the only way to actually hear of things like that]: 00:28 majornelson: Yes, we know some people are having issues w/ LIVE. They ARE working on it. As soon as I get an update, I’ll make a post. 00:36 majornelson: I know some of you […]

What the…?

Exactly a year ago I made a post about some msn conversations and how much they annoy me. I posted an example of a conversation with someone I didn’t have much contact to apart from having some completely pointless conversations with.. NAME says (18:14): good evening Cat ftw says (18:14): Hey. NAME says (18:15): how […]

I have no bells!

Spending quite a lot of time playing games and even more reading and writing about them I sometimes forget just how strange some things can sound to someone who doesn’t. Someone looking for help with Animal Crossing: I read with interest your information about Animal Crossing. I am new to the game and am an […]


Over the last years I’ve never had much of an interest in another console than the Xbox or the 360. Sure, there are some games I feel like I’ve missed out on, such as Eternal Darkness on the GameCube and Bully on the PlayStation2, but in general all and more that I’ve wanted has been […]

Merry Christmas

It’s that time of year, Christmas is here and I couldn’t resist following Sha and Ish by posting a animal picture. But mine obviously had to be a cat! Merry Christmas everyone! Big thanks to everyone that stops by and reads my blog, especially to all you lurkers that never leave a comment! And a […]

All about games..

As my internet wasn’t working properly in the last week, I’ve had a bit more time gaming which coincided perfectly with some new games I’ve been getting and others I’ve completed. Assassin’s Creed: As I mentioned in my ‘first impressions’ post I wasn’t too impressed with Assassin’s Creed. My opinion didn’t much change throughout playing […]

Thank you

Thanks to you for all the help you gave me in my previous post. I ended up formatting my laptop and reinstalling everything. Something that was overdue anyway I guess. Good news is I have a lot more space now! As to answer some of the comments: katm: I didn’t change anything which is why […]

Internet problems – Help appreciated/wanted

I’m currently having some really odd problems with my internet that I can’t seem to figure out or solve:   There are many sites that I can’t access most of the time. Most sites don’t load 99% of the time. Infact the only sites that load without any problems so far are: Google, Gmail and […]

What if…

24 was set in 1994? Back in the days with no mobile phones, dial up and the big printers.. Personally I prefer the high tech version.. Cat


Spent quite some time reading Wikipedia this weekend. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before [and I can’t even find the post on my own blog!], Wikipedia is very addictive. Whilst I’ve edited some small things, I mainly just use it for reference. However, it’s just so easy getting lost on there. Something Root mentions on […]

The first sensible thing 50 Cent has said his entire life?

These days it seems like everyone is talking about file sharing or more on how it’s bad and evil and how it should be banned. OiNK was shut down in October; Demonoid had several problems in September and shut down the site in November [although rumours it will be back up are still about]; not […]

Thoughts of the day

I’ve still not watched Jurrassic Park. I have sooo much to do before Christmas.. I have to ask someone to look after house/cats for a couple days, but I’m not sure I trust that person, yet I don’t have an alternative.. I want to visit Las Vegas. “Never use a pointy stick to check if […]

“Some video games are for kids. Some aren’t.”

The state of Delaware is starting a new campaign in association with the ESRB with advertisements, such as this one, all over the place. It’s to educate parents to understand the rating system for games better and to ensure that they only buy games appropriate to the age of their children. Personally I think that’s […]

2. Advent

Time simply flies. Today’s the 2. Advent, well, by now it’s almost over. The next few weeks I will be very busy with visiting my grandparents in Germany for a couple days, going to see the musical Avenue Q, doing Christmas shopping, finishing writing postcards, decorating the house, buying all the food for Christmas, getting […]

Assassin’s Creed – First impressions

I decided to wait until buying Assassin’s Creed, as Mass Effect was round the corner and the reviews for Assassin’s Creed weren’t too good. I finally got it this morning and so far I’m not at all convinced. Overlong tutorial. Tutorial computer voice. Can she speak any slower? Too many too long cutscenes. Who cares […]

Avenue Q, going to see it.

As I’ve mentioned back in April I’m quite hooked on the music of Avenue Q. The musical is showing in London in the Noël Coward Theatre and I’ve been able to get some tickets for it for later on this month. I cannot wait. Meanwhile I’m listening again to the soundtrack and specifically ‘The internet […]

Internet Commenter Business Meeting

Anyone who’s ever commented at a big internet forum or on an article will know these comments very well. Everything from ‘First’ to ‘gay’ to ‘n00b’ to spam and ‘pwned’. Even includes the Ipod Nano! This is NSFW. There is also a second part with LOLcats! Cat


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