November ‘07 digest Part 2

Just incase you have missed it, this is what I’ve been blogging about in the last two weeks in November:

In Gaming:

On TV and Films:

  • TV online

    Considering I was ill for quite a while now I was unable to sort out some things in the house.

  • Hitman [Updated]

    The Hitman movie that has been in planning for several years is finally released in the United States tomorrow and on the 30th in the UK.

  • The Simpsons

    So many people say that the Simpsons have not been funny in many years.

In life:

And everything else:

And some stats for the whole on November:

  • Views: 11574
  • Posts: 26
  • Comments: Approximately 300 including my own.

Thanks for stopping by. :)


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2 Responses to November ‘07 digest Part 2

  1. silvercube says:

    Isn’t Jespyr Kyd a music artist?


  2. Cat says:

    Indeed he is, he did the music to several games/films, among them Hitman:

    I very much like his music.


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