Jim Carrey does Horatio Cane

Picking up on a post a while back featuring a Youtube video with a great number of Horatio Cane [David Caruso] one liners, here’s Jim Carrey doing his impression of it:

Maybe that’ll finally get some people interested in CSI Miami? ;)


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7 Responses to Jim Carrey does Horatio Cane

  1. sulz says:

    i can’t hear ‘cos my speakers are kaput, but man can jim carrey imitate!


  2. Cat says:

    Yeah, I know he’s a great actor and all, but that was just great!


  3. dmosbon says:

    Haha! Nice try Cat…I think Caruso is the only actor in a drama that can have more screen time than the rest of the cast of the show & still only come out with a few sentences… each show…which are all one liners! I say good for him he must get paid per close up!


  4. Cat says:

    It’ was worth a try, y’know?

    It is amazing though as watching it makes me realise just how little he does. Grissom does his bug thing, investigates crimscenes, teaches others whereas Cane just, well, says one liners, makes promises, puts his sunglasses on, startes into the distance and so on.. I’d love his job!


  5. dmosbon says:

    You may love his job but do you love him?! LOL!


  6. Cat says:

    Well, he makes me laugh. See, maybe they just put him in for some comic relief? CSI Vegas is all serious, CSI NY [from what I’ve seen] very 9/11, depressing and CSI Miami, well, it’s got models and him as ‘the guy with the sunglasses’.


  7. Grissom is my favorite character. I’ve always thought of Cane as an odd one. I was really laughing out loud while watching that video. :lol:


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