How fast do you type?

Guess that's not very fast...

You type 251 characters per minute.
You have 43 correct words and you have 3 wrong words.

The result kinda surprised me. I did expect to score better than that, but I do know that my typing isn’t that great, especially as I tend to look at the keys very much.

I decided to also do the first lesson and got frustrated halfway through. I know being right handed my left hand is weak and no where near as useful as my right hand, but I didn’t realise how many problems I’ve got with the left ring finger. Typing words such as ‘fad’, ‘sad’, ‘lass’ not only required a lot of thinking, but I also made many mistakes. I’ll definitely try it a bit more though and see if it improves somehow.

The site is bizarrely partially in German or maybe it took something from a German site I was just reading before that, but the speedtest is in English.

How many words do you type a minute? Check here.


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33 Responses to How fast do you type?

  1. You type 366 characters per minute
    You have 70 correct words and
    you have 1 wrong words

    I got 70 words a minute, which is what I expected since I haven’t even warmed up today. If I had been typing more today, it would’ve been higher.

    The one wrong word was a fluke. I hit the spacebar while typing “now”, so it ended up submitting it as “no”.


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  3. Sha says:

    I got 71 but again like Abby. Did this just after coming in from the cold so fingers still slightly stiff and not connecting brain with words.


  4. Cat says:

    Well, I’m only just over 100 characters off of you guys! Got loads to improve then..


  5. B0bbyG says:

    210 characters per minute, 38 correct words and 0 wrong words.

    I clearly don’t type enough. It was interesting to try, though!


  6. I updated my blog entry to include Samantha’s results. She did it three times and got the following Words Per Minute: 111, 103, and 110.

    She definitely chats on AOL too much. Since she doesn’t work, that’s pretty much all she does.


  7. Cat says:

    Someone actually did worse than me!! [Sorry, Bobby]

    And I spend all day on IM, yet my typing isn’t that great.

    This whole thing very much reminds me of:

    The USB Hamster Wheel is an utter delight. Plug it into your USB port, load the software from the CD provided and get typing. As you type, the hamster gets running, spinning the hamster wheel around in the process – the faster you type, the faster he runs. This demented rodent sent shrieks of laughter around the office when we tested it, and is the ultimate parody of modern society.

    I want one of those!


  8. expressvideos says:

    I typed 47 words per minute with no wrong words. However I did make some mistakes and deleted them and typed again before getting to next word, so it didnt register them as fails.


  9. Ruhi says:

    I got 71 words per minute. :) Cat, you need to buck up!


  10. sulz says:

    77 words. thanks for my piano-playing days. :P


  11. Cat says:

    Becky: I had that as well which is why mine was a bit slower.

    So 70 ish is my target then! I’ve decided to doat least one of their really boring lessons a day. Watch this space.


  12. ish says:

    Gee, and I thought I used to type really fast. I got a 48 when I did it the first time and 60 when I did it the second time. I don’t have any excuses though, maybe I’m just not fast enough.


  13. Cat says:

    It’s just impressive how much time I could save typing properly! Maybe you should do the lessons on there as well.


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  15. ish says:

    Okay, I’ll try to take those lessons.


  16. Cat says:

    They’re quite boring though, so don’t come blaming me for it!


  17. dmosbon says:

    Too embarrassed to comment further!


  18. Cat says:

    You’re not getting away with it that easily! Come on,spill it!


  19. becky says:

    I did it again Cat, that was me posting as expressvideos. The only problem with sorting out blogs for other people on wordpress is they take over your logins. lol


  20. Cat says:

    Yeah, I noticed the email address! :)


  21. arvind says:

    i guess i too lag behing most of the people here ..
    got 46 words per minute with i wrong word :)


  22. Cat says:

    Ah, maybe you should do the lessons too! It can only get better.


  23. killarapp says:

    wow, i spell words without looking, i had no idea i did that


  24. Cat says:

    Well, how many words did you get?!


  25. bs angel says:

    I just did this at Act of War so apparently that was my warm-up as I got 9 more words a minute here than I did there. Yay! You’re my good luck charm Cat. :)


  26. Cat says:

    Glad I could help! :)


  27. bs angel says:

    Yes, now if you could just follow me everywhere I go, that would fabulous. Thanks. :)


  28. Cat says:

    I’ll try my best!


  29. 68 words here apparently…


  30. Cat says:

    See, I’ve been meaning to do the lessons daily, but considering how boring the first one was I haven’t bothered yet…


  31. Juan says:

    These are my results:

    You type 369 characters per minute
    You have 67 correct words and
    you have 3 wrong words

    Let’s see if I improve these numbers later….


  32. izman says:

    You reached 109 points, so you achieved position 339050 of 392255 on the ranking list

    You type 178 characters per minute
    You have 28 correct words and
    you have 1 wrong words


  33. Hmmm, only 50 words a minute. Guess we’re just average eh Cat?


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