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It’s probably the best game I have ever played. There are several posts with impressions over on ‘cat on tumblr‘ and more will follow. They are completely spoileriffic, so be warned! GTA IV – Day 1 – 2am GTA IV – Day 1 – 4am GTA IV – Day 1 – 11am GTA IV – […]

Doctor Who – The Sontaran Stratagem

Martha is back and she’s better than ever! Many spoilers follow, do not carry on reading if you don’t want the story spoilt!

What I will be doing the next few weeks!

Many images follow!

Bad times..

Kind of having a bad day, week, month, year and I’m contemplating my future and what I want to do. Nothing in the past months has worked out the way I want it to and I feel things are somehow getting out of control. This kind of sums things up a little. Reblogged from katm.

Laptop troubles

Right, so I’m having a little problem with my laptop or rather the power lead with it or, what I’m suspecting, the power brick thing along the lead. Basically my laptop didn’t get any more power and the brick thing was beeping when it had electricity, even if it wasn’t connected to the laptop. It’s […]

“Soon I’m gonna be a Jedi” – or how Cat missed it for two years!

The video can’t be embedded any more, but you can find it on Youtube following this link. Big thanks to Matt! This song is actually over two years old, but I’ve heard it before or seen the video, even though I’m a big Star Wars fan. Awesome lyrics and an excellent video well worth watching. […]

Why you should give Twitter a try..

This is yet another post that started on a forum and I thought it would be quite good here as well. I’m also currently writing part two of my Twitter guide; it should be up in the next few days. I’ve been mentioning Twitter on all sort of forums and I’m not too great at […]

Doctor Who – Planet of the Ood

The Ood are back! Many spoilers follow, do not carry on reading if you don’t want the story spoilt!

TV shows I’ve watched recently

This started from a thread on a forum and got a bit long, so I thought I’d stick it on here as well! TV shows I have been watching in the last year: 24 – Watched S! and S2 so far. S1 annoyed me lots, like characters get introduced and are only in it for […]

I love u!

Seen near Hannover, Germany. Not really into graffiti, but this made me smile.

New headphones!

Adjustable for better sound Bang & Olufsen A8 Earphones are designed to fit the individual ear and deliver unsurpassed sound quality. With conventional earphones much of the sound never makes it into the ear. These earphones are specially developed to closely match the contours and curves of the ear – so you hear the sounds […]

How not to build a coach station!

The ‘beauty’ of Slough coach station. Slough, UK.

Doctor Who – The Fires of Pompeii

Pompeii! The week is finally over and after last week’s start to the fourth season of the new Doctor Who the next episode is here! This week the Doctor and Donna are in Rome, or at least that’s where they wanted to be. Instead they’re finding themselves in the middle of Pompeii and of course […]

Random Art

More ‘art’ randomly in the streets in Germany, seen in Hameln. Just next to this building actually!

Too much English!

And they say Germany doesn’t use too much English in daily life?!

For Miles.


“Happiness is not in the destination, but the journey.”

“Das Glück liegt nicht im Ziel, sondern im Weg dorthin.” – “Happiness is not in the destination, but the journey.” I’m not sure if it is one of those phrases that I agree with, but it does seem rather odd writing it across a building. Seen in Hameln, Germany.


I had to look several times before I realised what was going on there, definitely a way to get people to look at the window! Seen in Hameln, Germany.


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