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Autumn 2008 – A good time for great music?

Not just another post, but also another music related post, what’s going on?! Earlier tonight I was watching ‘Friday Night with Jonathan Ross’ [yes I am fully aware that today is Saturday, thank you] and Keane were there to perform their new single ‘Spiralling’ which is surprisingly great and different and so very 80’s! And […]

Comments and spam

I really like tumblr which probably shows by the amount I use it. Taking a look at my archive shows just how many posts I make on cat on tumblr. Compared to this blog, well.. Tumblr is simple, easy and posting something is just so quick partially due to the quick dashboard and limited, but […]

Royal Albert Hall – Classic FM Live

I’m off to the Royal Albert Hall tonight to see Classic FM Live. I have seen the hall many times from the outside and several shows on TV that were hold there, but going inside has always been something I wanted to do. Therefore I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to secure a cheap ticket […]

TV I watched last week

This is a collection of posts I made over on my tumblr blog regarding TV I watched last week. This may or may not turn into a regular thing, who knows?! Tuesday: One Tree Hill S06E02 – Good episode, slightly unrealistic though on how Peyton just believed Brooke wasn’t beaten up or anything Dan related. […]

Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress, Facebook & thank you.

Not using this blog at the moment, even though I’ve just renewed the Domain Mapping on it. Maybe I’ll come back to this blog at some point soon, but who knows. It’ll stay here though, this blog’s been with me for over two years and I don’t want to give it up. I’m on tumblr […]


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