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It’s not the amount that matters..

This woman is a thief; she stole from her employer [Kaiser supermarkets/German] and her job of 30 years was terminated without notice. Yes, she only stole 1.30Euros. That’s about £1.16 or $1.65 or 2.55AUD or 161Yen. Although that isn’t quite right either for she didn’t actually just take the money out of the till but […]

Thanks, Twitter!

I had a problem with my iPod earlier and, after being unable to find anything helpful on the Apple site, I decided to turn to Twitter for help: carocat: My iPod classic [80GB] crashed and is now unresponsive, but screen is still lit and grey. Can’t turn it off or anything else. Help? Within a […]

Words escape me! [Gamertag change]

Last year I wrote a post on how to change your Xbox Live Gamertag after many people came to my blog searching for it. Since then I’ve had many people contact me with more specific questions, for example if it’s possible to get a name changed if enough people complain about it [not to my […]

Sometimes Twitter worries me!

Sometimes Twitter conversations take worrying turns. Actually, it’s probably more than sometimes. . embee Happiness is fresh strawberries dipped in Nutellaabout 1 hour ago from TweetDeck wolfgang @embee argh how can you spoil the nutella with strawberries!?32 minutes ago from Power Twitter embee @wolfgang what?! Are you objecting to them being consumed together or strawberries […]

If it’s so important to you then why won’t you answer?

Via Tom Harris. Never thought I’d say it, but I agree with the Daleks!

This can’t be good..

It’s a very bad sign when a friend I’m catching up with for the first time in weeks has this to say about my life in general and the situation with some friends, including the one I’ve mentioned in another post. Dein Leben geht grad mal tierisch bergab… I guess it does, yes..

Coincidentally.. [and something about laziness]

None of the people that were the cause of the last two blog posts have reacted to it, but I’ve managed to have a whole lot of other people apologise to me for some reason. It’s also not, as Ian‘s suggested, related to Twitter at all and can outright say it’s no one that follows […]


Somewhat related to yesterday’s post, I’m really starting to get bored of the stuff people that I don’t even know tell me. I’m not talking about the conversation with the neighbour at the bus stop about the weather, but more random people that tell me their whole life’s story just cause I said ‘Hi’. Or […]

Introducing mechanical Cat..

As I was talking to a good friend via IM yesterday and today [no offence if you are reading this, this has nothing to do with you personally] I’ve found myself become less and less interested in the conversation and my mind just somewhat drifted off to the point where I ended up feeling rather […]


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