Words escape me! [Gamertag change]

Last year I wrote a post on how to change your Xbox Live Gamertag after many people came to my blog searching for it.

Since then I’ve had many people contact me with more specific questions, for example if it’s possible to get a name changed if enough people complain about it [not to my knowledge, no] or why it’s so expensive [ask Microsoft, but probably so not everyone changes their tag once week as enough people do it at the moment even though they have to pay 800 points].

This, however, isn’t like any I’ve seen before. I’m speechless!

I'm speechless!

I’ve linked him to the updated guide on the Xbox support site and let’s all wish him luck!

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9 Responses to Words escape me! [Gamertag change]

  1. Juan says:

    Ha! at least he could’ve written “please” at the end…

    Anyway, I think you were too nice to direct him to the Xbox support site. I would’ve replied something like: “good for you.”

    Personally, I really dislike this kind of comments/messages. In my programming blog, someone asked:

    What’s wrong with document.body?

    As if I could read his mind to know exactly what he meant. I replied: “It hasn’t been feelin’ well lately…”


  2. Cat says:

    I know, right? Whatever happened to manners?!

    And well, I’m a nice person. So nice in fact I wasn’t sure if I should post this as it might hurt his feelings, but then I figured he won’t return anyway. Those drive-by commenters never do!

    And that’s pretty funny! That person ever comment again?


  3. Juan says:

    Nope, he never commented again. *phew*


  4. Cat says:

    Lucky you!

    Btw, thanks for the email, will reply when I get the chance, barely had time to look at it as my internet’s been out most of the last days.


  5. Kirk M says:

    My gamertag is doh!42vt and I want it to be…oh, wait a minute. I don’t own an XBOX.

    Hi Cat,

    I just couldn’t resist. :P


  6. Juan says:

    Take your time, Cat. Just know that I meant every word.


  7. Cat says:

    See, you ought to buy one, Kirk! ;) And just to explain you can only change your name on the console itself, so emailing me about it is kinda a moot point which is why I thought it was funny! ;)


  8. Kirk M says:

    Actually I’ve been having a lot of fun with a new Wii that my lady’s youngest son bought himself for Christmas. We head over to his place every Sunday for dinner and I was surprised at how much I like the “physically” interactive” nature of the games. Bowling’s my favorite.

    More importantly though, because my disabilities have gotten to the point where I’m quite restricted in the amount of physical activities I can handle and having diabetes (150 lbs and no sweet tooth to speak of…go figure) and high blood pressure require some form of daily exercise, I can easily see how having one of those Wii’s could be a benefit to my overall health.


  9. Cat says:

    I have a disabled friend who uses the wheelchair who loves the Wii purely because it’s fun exercise for her upper body.

    I can’t say I’ve played many Wii games, but overall I’ve liked the interactive nature of it.


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