Remember #TwitLight?

Yes, after a far too long period of inactivity, it’s finally coming back!

If you’re new to following me or can’t remember something that was a few months ago, allow me to refresh your memory. It all started on a rainy Sunday afternoon all the way back in March and is a Twitter Spotlight featuring one person at a time answering 23 more or less random questions.

Interesting revelations so far have included eating slugs, surprising book endings, love for Deanna Troi, some great pictures, crazy hair, some crazy guy, the love between brothers and sisters, a Marine and much, much more.

There have been many published so far and I hope there will be many more as there simply are too many interesting people on Twitter and 140 characters just aren’t enough!

Want to take part? Contact me!

And take a look at the TwitLights to date:

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5 Responses to Remember #TwitLight?

  1. Geek Wrestler says:

    Can I participate? :P


  2. Cat says:

    Check your emails.


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  4. Kiran says:

    Can I participate as well? ;)


  5. Cat says:

    Hi Kiran, of course you can!

    I’ve sent all the instructions to the email address you left with your comment. :)


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