Some spam mail

In the past months I’ve noticed Gmail’s spam folder containing several real emails so I’ve made it a habit to check it every other day. At the moment I get about ~200 spam mails a day across twelve different accounts and some are just hilarious. Curiously there is quite a lot of them that don’t contain any links or phone numbers and only have maybe one or two sentences in them.

Here’s a list of some of the better ones, unedited:

  • Dld you know all lt takes ls a phone and the wllllngness to share some lnformatlon wlth others to see around 1500 to 3500 weekly sometlmes even dally. Call the lnfo llne for more detalls.
  • You have frequent convulsions? Time to stop it!
  • We are glad to have seen again.
  • Purify, Clense, Look Better, Feel Better.
  • Feel power and strength of your ancestors when you drilling your woman.
  • We teach you the art of becoming.
  • Best oil for pork motor.
  • Aging steals male strength! V. booster returns it!
  • If something’s out of tune in the Music of your Love, our Male Pilules will return harmony!
  • Lets’ make it again, darling?
  • Even the most shy girls will moan and groan under your meat press!
  • “My husband and I tried the program and our energy level increased immediately! After 3 weeks now I have noticed even more changes. My bowel movements have improved and I feel so hydrated and healthy.” Cindy – Nashville, TN

I sure am glad for Cindy from Nashville!

I’ve also received some longer ones which are posted over on my tumblr and are well worth a read:

They all seem so legit!

Not to forget about Vishenka, Veronika and Princess from Russia!

And then there was this winning entry:

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One Response to Some spam mail

  1. Kiran says:

    My god! You are so true. I hate these spammers. But often, their Spam’s are hilarious :D


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