London suggestions

I have to go to London next Wednesday, Nov 4th and seeing I don’t go to London often and have to be there early in the morning for a passport appointment that shouldn’t last longer than a couple of hours at most, I’m looking at spending the whole day there.

I am thinking about seeing Mousetrap which I’ve been wanting to see for over ten years and never got round to, but apart from that I haven’t got any plans.

I posed the question on Twitter earlier and had many suggestions already which is yet another reason why Twitter works for me [insert all those social media guru buzzwords here].

So far I’ve got:

  • wysiwygjt: London Walks!  I <3 London! I’ve done 2, Jack the Ripper and Unseen London, both were great. 4 Knitting
  • ChiverstheCat: See the Montezuma exhibish at the British Museum & treat yourself to lunch in the restaurant there!
  • NevilleFenn: Have lunch at the S & M Cafe – best food ever! As Agent Cooper would say, ‘good food, reasonably priced’ – 50’s cafe style too. :-)

Any other suggestions are more than welcome!

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One Response to London suggestions

  1. Beter says:

    They sluhod just make a Mario and sonic fighting game with all the sonic and Mario characters


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