Mass Effect 2 – First Impressions

I finally started playing Mass Effect 2 Saturday evening and so far I am loving every second of it!

Just over two hours in and I am in love with #masseffect2. I already don’t want it to end!

So far I’ve done very little fighting and a lot of exploration. The following are some of my thoughts and they’re completely spoileriffic, obviously.


  • The first cutscene was great. Seeing the Normandy in action for the first time and seeing familiar faces like Doctor Chakwas [such a great voice!] and Navigator Pressly was an added bonus.
  • Playing the first part on the Normandy was intense, especially going from the loud noises to the part where the hull was broken with nothing but the sound of breathing.
  • The awakening sequence and the part that followed getting off the station felt very similar to the beginning of KotOR II on Peragus, including being guided by a voice and figuring out what happens. I hope that Miranda doesn’t turn out to be like Kreia.

“Is this a volunteer job or am I being volunteered?” – Shepard.

  • Armor modifications are great, although I had to resist the temptation to use pink armor!
  • ‘Freedom’s Progress’ was interesting, but seriously, what are the chances to run into Tali there of all places?! Surely the galaxy is huge enough?
  • It’s great to see Joker again, although with all of Cerberus abilities of the Lazarus project, why couldn’t they fix Joker’s condition to make him more resistent in case something happens to the Normandy v2?

“What can I say, I’m a people person.” – Kelly.

Like some creepy kid staring at the back of your head in comp sci you just want to punch him but he’s “special” and sets fires or something. – Joker.

  • I like the new Normandy a lot, it’s got toilets, crew quarters, a cook and real beds! Mass Effect 1 almost had me believe that real beds were outlawed in the future!
  • I’m very suspicious about Jacob. He comes across as being far too nice.
  • Getting drunk with Doctor Chakwas was great. Gives it a more realistic feel and her mentioning her possible inappropriateness then was a great touch.
  • Conversations have received such a big overhaul, characters move more or even stand up and sit down during conversations. So far I’ve especially liked the animations during conversations with Miranda on the ship.

“We’re off to kick the collectors right in their daddy bags. That’s enough for me.” – Ken.

  • Love the references in the news to Toombs, Kahoku, Chairman Burns, the Shepard foundation.. Almost sad hearing Ashley mentioned.
  • I bought a space hamster!! And it squeaks! I knew about the fishtanks, but didn’t expect that. Also bought some fish and both of the Mass Effect books released so far. Great little detail!
  • The personalised advertisements on the Citadel are scary, although I assume it’s a lot like Google ads.. Interesting how the five I’ve watched all told me to get a job though!
  • Shame to hear Chora’s Den is closed, although to be fair that place was dodgy anyway with Fist running it, C-Sec investigations with undercover staff and a full on assault.
  • I can’t believe my favourite non-approachable NPC from Mass Effect is back! And he’s still trying to get a replacement after over two years! One would have thought that he’d ignore it by now what with the near destruction of the Citadel and all..
  • I loved the Krogan discussing the fish in the Citadel. Felt pretty sorry for him when I dashed his dreams by telling him there aren’t any fish in the Presidum lakes!
  • Pretty disappointed that I can’t explore the Presidium area. I would have loved to see what, if anything, has changed. I believe that also means that I won’t get to see Sha’ira again, unless the news reports are true and she is leaving the Presidium for another area before the game is over.
  • Buying drinks in certain bars isn’t a good idea. Especially when said bar is called ‘Afterlife’!
  • Shepard’s dancing has definitely not improved!
  • Hello Fist! Hello Helena Blake! Whilst I appreciate running into Mass Effect 1 characters to give the game the ongoing story, it makes the galaxy seem a lot smaller. Having just a handful of previous NPC’s with others perhaps referenced would have been better. And I believe the woman with the unborn baby in Mass Effect 1 was also in one of the shops on the Citadel still arguing with her brother in law.
  • I can’t believe I have to buy fuel!
  • Getting used to the new mission layout and the completion screen at the end of each will take a while longer getting used to, just like the revamped hacking system which reminds me a lot of another game I’ve forgotten the name to.
  • The game feels very overwhelming at parts. The Citadel is full of flashing images, sound and while it feels a lot more real, it’s also a bit too much. And then Omega is just taking it that step further! I don’t even think I’ve seen half of that station so far! The bars and clubs on both stations are crazy, especially the ‘Afterlife’ with the fires as decoration!
  • Garrus!!

So far I’m about nine hours into the game with 105GS unlocked and four squad members: Miranda, Jacob, Mordin Solus [The Professor] and Zaeed. I’ve just met Garrus [Archangel] and I’m about to shut the blast doors to prevent the mercenaries from invading via the basement. Seeing and talking to Garrus has been absolutely delightful so far, I’ve really started to like him in my last Mass Effect 1 playthrough which was the first time I’ve used him properly.

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6 Responses to Mass Effect 2 – First Impressions

  1. Wons says:

    I plowed through the game the week it came out and beat it in just under 50 hours, and I still can’t stop thinking about how fantastic it was! Luckily school had just started, so focusing on ME2 wasn’t too big a deal. Now I’ll be too busy to replay it until the summer, so I’m jealous of you playing through it now!


  2. Cat says:

    Haha, I’m glad I waited so I’d have the chance to go through it in peace!


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