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Splinter Cell Conviction demo

It’s no secret that I love the Splinter Cell series from the first one through to Chaos Theory and the natural progression through to Double Agent. SCDA is definitely my favourite one of the series, as it’s evolved just enough to keep the gameplay fresh whilst at the same time keeping the known control layout […]

Dragon Age: Origins. Who would have thought a dog could save the world?

I’ve finally completed Dragon Age Origins and overall it’s the first BioWare game I’ve mostly not enjoyed, despite wanting to like it all the way through. The last three hours were painful and, although final bossfights tend to let me forget how much hassle they were moments after beating them, I still can’t forgive DAO […]

Mass Effect 2 – Oh yes, there was that whole saving the galaxy thing.

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last played Mass Effect 2 and yet it feels much longer. I don’t really have any valid excuses either, though there was the annoyance of losing two hours of gameplay when my housemate picked up the game to “I’m not doing anything, just walking around talking […]

“They’re really annoying ’cause they just keep moving.”

A few days ago I watched one of my mostly non-gaming friends play several of my games. I call him a non gamer, as I don’t think Flight Simulator or Farmville are what I’d call games. He played UNO, BioShock and Kingdom of Keflings with mixed results. UNO: This was actually the most pleasant game […]

“Never give up. Never surrender!”

Due to housemate having some days off and some random shifts in general we’ve been watching a lot of films in the past week; more than I normally watch in months! We’ve watched: Iron Man: I tried to watch this a while back and ended up turning it off after about ten minutes. Sadly, it […]

Just Cause 2 demo

This has been a must buy ever since I played and loved the first one. The general feel to it and the over top stunts possible were great and whilst I’ve never actually done everything of it, it’s always been a good game to go back on. The demo for Just Cause 2 came out […]

Lost Season 6

Spoileriffic post with theories. Don’t read if you haven’t watched episode six of the last season of Lost yet!

Xbox Live Indie games

The first time I looked at the Xbox Live Indie games section was only a couple of months ago. Before that I knew it existed and had heard of some games, yet never actually downloaded any. That changed when I first came across this post about ‘Office Politics’ on Joystiq. The video was brilliant enough […]


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