Mass Effect 2 – Oh yes, there was that whole saving the galaxy thing.

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last played Mass Effect 2 and yet it feels much longer. I don’t really have any valid excuses either, though there was the annoyance of losing two hours of gameplay when my housemate picked up the game to “I’m not doing anything, just walking around talking to people” and being ill. After that I barely had any quiet time with my housemate off work, a friend staying with me for nearly a week and other things. Plus then there was Splinter Cell multiplayer to be played, too.

Tonight I’ve got the flat to myself and from Friday onwards I’ll be here alone, so it’s about time to start playing this again to avoid having anything else spoiled!

Now, where was I? Oh yes, there was that whole saving the galaxy thing.. Based on my last post I was just off to the Krogan homeworld to hopefully see Wrex and to complete some of the missions there. I’ve also got a lot of mining in front of me, as I want to fully upgrade the Normandy and my weapons. Mining is just too cumbersome to be real fun.

I’ve finally landed on Tuchanka. Krogans really are a friendly bunch, aren’t they? Overhearing a conversation between two of them reminded me of a post about the voice acting in games on the Guardian website today. Mass Effect 2’s voice acting is spot on and I could feel the emotion behind it, even though the two Krogans were just standing there motionless.

“You look well for dead, Shepard. Should have known the void couldn’t hold you.” – Wrex.

All the Krogans I’ve encountered so far are extremely bitter, though they clearly have enough reason to be with the genophage and general council politics. The conversation between the two Urdnot Krogans re their children and families was interesting though. All in all they remind me a lot of Klingons though which makes Michael Dorn voicing Grunt a stroke of genius.

“Takes me back to the old days. Us against the unknown, killing it with big guns. Good times.” – Wrex.

The Krogan Rite of Passage can only be described as boring. The first two waves were far too long and the Thresher Maw at the end was just the plain old ‘shoot it with everything you’ve got while strafing’. Would have liked to have a bit more of a challenge there.

Decided to do the Tali loyalty mission and I can’t believe it’s taking me to the Flotilla! I’ve been wanting to see the Flotilla since I’ve first heard about it during the first encounter with Tali in Mass Effect 1! I liked seeing the trial, though it was quite predictable. I didn’t share the information found on the Alarei and instead defended Tali using her past of saving the Citadel.

“It’s fun watching you shout.” – Tali.

Other missions I’ve completed were the Jack loyalty mission which wasn’t that impressive, though the confrontation between her and Miranda certainly was [Thanks to @CooperHawkes and @HeartbreakRidge for advising me to not immediately do it after Miranda’s to keep the loyalty of both, although it could have been due to my high paragon], and a ship that was taken over by the geth and needed to be repaired within a few minutes which also wasn’t all that impressive on its own, but fit in well with the whole game.

Loyalty missions left are the ones for Thane and Samara. There’s also one more squad member to get, but I’m not sure where to find him or her. Stats: 54 hours playtime, 345GS and a whole lot of mining still left to do..

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