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And it continues..

My attempts at being ill this year continues well. Since my last post on the subject in February I’ve had countless colds lasting about a week each time, pulled muscles and back pain. The only positive side effect is that I’m finally registered with a GP; something that’s taken me over seven years! At the […]

Lost again. Still?

So it seems I may have been wrong with quite a lot of my predictions in my last post about Lost. I don’t know what to think about this season as a whole so far and now there is only the finale left. Two hours of Lost before it’s all over for good. [Insert jokes […]

Gamer Banter: A rushed love letter

Gamer Banter is a monthly gaming discussion of multiple bloggers. More info is here and please contact Terry from Game Couch if you wish to take part. May’s topic is set by Cat at Which game character do you identify yourself with most/least and why? Today’s entry for the ‘You really shouldn’t do this […]

So then this cat appeared.

As I’ve already mentioned on Twitter I was expecting a new houseguest in the form of cat Arthur this weekend. After my housemate and the dog moved out at the beginning of April, I didn’t intend to have any pets move in for a long time and this wasn’t planned more than a couple of […]

Game Over Month 2010 – final update

It’s now far into May and the GOM month is long over, but I thought I’d update with how far I eventually got. To recap, the Married Gamers Game Over Month is every April and meant to give you a chance to finish old games that are collecting dust on the shelves. I was going […]

Und täglich grüßt das Murmeltier

[The post title is the German title for the film Groundhog day. The literal translation would be “Every day the groundhog says hi” though “same old, same old” is much more appropriate.] I’ve said a few days ago that I’ve been noticing recurring patterns in my life, something I was quite glad at finally realising […]

Time out

I spent the past 60 hours away from my laptop, iPod and 360. The only things I used were the TV and getting a couple of phonecalls on my mobile, as well as sending about five texts. Why? My life is centred around my laptop and, in extension, the internet: I work exclusively online and […]

Reason #1328* I love Twitter

*Number may not be accurate. Good start to a day that ended badly, mainly with my own annoyance at things! Going home to no internet but wine and latest #Lost episode! # Alcohol *does* solve all problems, correct? #

Coming full circle

One of the most common stereotypes about England is that it always rains. Whilst I’m sure I’ve read in the past that Hamburg has the same amount if not more downpour than England, most people here will still mention constant rain no matter if it’s true or not. It is, however, true for most bank […]

What did you do today, Cat?

Today has been a long day. Due to having slept much on Sunday and Monday I woke up at 4am this morning and have been busy ever since. So what did I do today? Laundry. In the middle of the night! I’ve finally registered with a GP. This will make someone very happy! I’ve bought […]


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