What did you do today, Cat?

Today has been a long day. Due to having slept much on Sunday and Monday I woke up at 4am this morning and have been busy ever since.

So what did I do today?

  • Laundry. In the middle of the night!
  • I’ve finally registered with a GP. This will make someone very happy!
  • I’ve bought a friend’s birthday present which obviously involved spending a lot of time in Waterstones!
  • Argued with T-Mobile in town that this and this is unacceptable.
  • I’ve tried on a gorgeous dress, even though I have absolutely no occasion to wear it to and I don’t ‘do’ dresses in daily life.
  • I’ve sorted through some paperwork that’s been long overdue!
  • I’ve spent an hour on the phone with my bank. Fun, I tell you!
  • I’ve arranged my passport pickup!!
  • I’ve run into @deepwire!
  • I’ve started forming some ideas for a site. ‘Cause didn’t you know:

Hey everyone. Please extend a warm welcome to @carocat – PSU.com’s new Community Manager. More details to follow soon! #

  • I’ve dealt with ~1000 support tickets in my other place.
  • I’ve caught up with the ever lovely @chelthan!
  • I’ve done my weekly foodshopping!
  • I’ve sorted through another 400 photos!
  • I wrote this blogpost. Duh!

And all of that with just three cups of coffee!

Post idea totally stolen from raincoaster!


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    Congrats. These posts are the best: everyone loves living vicariously through someone else.

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