Time out

I spent the past 60 hours away from my laptop, iPod and 360. The only things I used were the TV and getting a couple of phonecalls on my mobile, as well as sending about five texts.


My life is centred around my laptop and, in extension, the internet:

  • I work exclusively online and due to the nature of it I can work at any time, day or night.
  • I listen to music online, on my iPod or streamed to the 360.
  • I watch content online, on my laptop or streamed to the 360.
  • I get all my news from the internet. Even though I may occasionally buy a paper or watch the news it’s become too specific for me. Sourcing all my news online allows me to be selective and not having to be subjected to five minute stories on TV that don’t interest me or apply to me.
  • My primary communication is the internet. My mobile hasn’t had credit in weeks as I either use Skype to send messages or make phonecalls or resort to emails/tweets.

I don’t have the internet at home at the moment and, after working all week from various Starbucks and other free wi-fi places, I needed a break!

The worst part was feeling cut off. I didn’t read tweets that were posted so I didn’t know what people were up to and couldn’t meet up with anyone as most of the times I arrange meeting up via Twitter. Plus my phone was out of credit. It’s almost like living in a big plastic bubble!

Another thing was the lack of news. World War 3 could have started and I wouldn’t even have realised. Sure, I was watching TV, but would ITV3 and Five US really have cut to news? Again the feeling of disconnect.

As for work, well, it was actually quite postitive. I think putting that into more focus in the past couple of weeks has been helpful as I actually seem to get a lot more done and there’s a lot less procrastinating. This is mostly due to not having the internet at home and having to focus all my work into an eight or so hours day, but regardless it’s been positive. I switch off in the evenings and don’t just do half an hour here and there.

My RSS feed reader has far too many unread feeds. I’ve been trying to catch up with them for two weeks, but with about 2000 new items a day and some issues which left read feeds marked unread that’s been futile. This morning I’ve finally declared feed bancruptcy on my news and German feeds. I do intend to catch up on all my gaming related ones. One day!

TV. Well, TV these days is shockingly bad. This isn’t just adverts, but also repeats, badly placed breaks and just generally rubbish. But yeah, a vast majority of the problem are the adverts. This sheep shearing advert from Specsavers was cute the first couple of times and then just annoying. I couldn’t imagine being exposed to that for weeks.

Online gaming. Yeah, I’m kind of gutted not playing the Halo Reach beta at the moment or Splinter Cell Double Agent, but there are plenty of offline games to be played, too!

On the positive side, I’ve managed to finish reading three books in two weeks which is more than the past five months combined!

As for now I’ll continue trying to be offline in the evenings and weekends and see if it’s something I can get used to longterm.

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7 Responses to Time out

  1. sulz says:

    oh your experience really spoke to me. every now and then when my ancient computer breaks down i will suffer withdrawal symptoms and feel isolated. but that leaves me time to do so many other things, especially reading.

    when this happens, i feel good that i am able to concentrate on my reading but i don’t feel good about feeling cut off and desperate!

    i just bought a new cell phone recently and subscribed to mobile internet. the next time my computer breaks down i won’t suffer as much withdrawal symptoms. i can do everything on my mobile except play games, sadly!


  2. Cat says:

    Yeah, it’s been a very difficult couple of weeks!


  3. Jennifer says:

    Downtime away from the computer is really underrated these days, but oh so necessary for one’s well-being. Some days I’d just rather pack up a picnic dinner and head for the beach to watch the sun set.


  4. Cat says:

    I like it when I choose to have a day off, not so much when it’s forced on me!


  5. Jennifer says:

    I could live with that. :)


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