Game Over Month 2010 – final update

It’s now far into May and the GOM month is long over, but I thought I’d update with how far I eventually got.

To recap, the Married Gamers Game Over Month is every April and meant to give you a chance to finish old games that are collecting dust on the shelves. I was going to attempt finishing Fable II , GTA IV – The Lost and the Damned, Need for Speed Undercover, The Saboteur, Top Spin 3, Tomb Raider Underworld and Lost.

In my first post on the topic I mentioned I had finished Tomb Raider Underworld. Sadly I didn’t do much more. Here is the remainder of my GOM taken directly from the forum thread:



Haven’t played any more since my last update and think I’ll have to leave it with just one game complete.

I did play some more Splinter Cell Double Agent last night though and am very close to having 1000GS on it. Not bad considering I put in hundreds of hours and none of the achievements are boosted!

Only one more map achievement to go! Woohoo!



1000/1000 Achievements on SCDA! Only took me 3 1/2 years! Woohoo!

I know it doesn’t technically count in the GOM as I’ve finished the single player mode in 2006, but I’ve only completed all the multiplayer challenges two days ago and I’m very proud of it!

I think this is it for me though, even though I attempted GTA IV’s TL&D yesterday I don’t see myself continuing that in the forseeable future as I need to be in the right mood for it I guess.

Ended up starting GTA Vice City again, a game I’ve completed several times, once even 100%! And yes, I did get the T-shirt of it back in the day!

I should really take a picture of it if I ever complete it 100% though I’m not sure I want to put all that work in again! I think it took me close to two years to get 100%.

Anyways, I digress..

The GOM has been fun, thanks for the idea!



Thanks again to the Married Gamers for the fun idea. I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get round to playing more old games, but I was playing a lot of SCDA at the time and Splinter Cell Double Agent took up a lot of time.

So did Tomb Raider Underworld which was a lot of hassle and pain to finish. I’m hoping it’ll serve me as a reminder to not buy any of the future Tomb Raider titles no matter how good or rebooted they’re meant to be.

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