So then this cat appeared.

As I’ve already mentioned on Twitter I was expecting a new houseguest in the form of cat Arthur this weekend.

After my housemate and the dog moved out at the beginning of April, I didn’t intend to have any pets move in for a long time and this wasn’t planned more than a couple of days. For reasons too boring for anyone uninvolved a friend’s family can’t have their cat for several months due to severe allergic reactions of a child living there for some time and it was causing major issues. The only options were to give the cat away for this time and when asked if I wanted him I immediately said yes.

The thing is I love pets, but I’m not ready for a longterm commitment at this time in my life, so a temporary situation like this is ideal, even if it may last six months or maybe up to a year. Having my own cat or dog is a 15 year commitment I’m not quite ready for as I’m still trying to get settled myself.

Having Arthur around these past few days has been strange. I’ve known him for years yet his behaviour at my flat has been completely uncharacteristically. He’s very affectionate, loving and always comes when called which are all very positive. He has an unnatural obsession with cheese and only drinks water out of the bathtub, even when someone is having a shower at the same time. He is a roughly 11 year old former stray and life is definitely a bit on the slower side.

Will it be easy giving him back? I doubt that, but for now I’ll make the best out of it!

Update: I’ve changed the original picture as it was too dark. It can still be found here.

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