Live Tweeting

So it’s E3 and the Microsoft press event. Everyone and their dog is excited about the new game announcements.

So what does everyone do? They take it to Twitter. I think about 20 of the people I’m following are in Los Angeles at the event with another 50 or so watching the live streaming at the moment. And they’re all tweeting about it at the rate of one tweet per person per minute, some of them a lot more. Tweets like:

  • Gears3NaoPlz
  • Holy SHIT> Gears of War 3.
  • Oh no
  • this guy is a tank!!!
  • meh, Fable, Halo…. yawn.
  • Elites are tough!

I love Twitter for news and information and communication and follow each one of them for a reason, but I doubt I’ll ever understand the point in Live-Tweeting something pretty much all your followers are watching anyway. If someone was interested in getting live information they can follow one of the many accounts from gaming sites that have live tweeting with actual content.

What is the point of random shouting like that when no one involved is going to read it anyway as they’re too busy shouting their own stuff and anyone else can’t relate to something they’re not watching?

For what it’s worth I somewhat care about the announcements, but not enough to watch it live right now and am perfectly content with reading about it in a condensed article later tonight. You know, when all the hyping’s calmed down again.

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