It was a beautiful day; I was walking along the rather idyllic lake on the Reading University campus with two of my friend’s kids when the unthinkable happened:

Chased by approximately 80 ducks and geese at the Reading Uni lake! [They didn’t all fit the picture!] #

Yes, of course they didn’t actually harm me or the kids and according to the groundskeeper I spoke to it’s fairly common for them to follow humans as so many feed them bread. However, having roughly 80 ducks and geese slowly emerge from the water and follow you on an uneven path, making pushing a pushchair difficult, is an interesting feeling. Especially as I’ve seen the film ‘Birds‘ several times!

What I love is how something this simple can create some hilarious Twitter replies:


  • beautifulvenice: @carocat did you have bread on you? why were they chasing you?? #
  • beautifulvenice: @carocat scary…. i wont be visiting the devil ducks then!! V Hitchcockian #
  • FallingBullets: @carocat heheh, FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD *omnomnomnom* #
  • Zyber: @carocat You were chased?? However did you get away unscathed? #
  • carocat: @Zyber I talked to them and it sent them to sleep. Y’know, what I do to you all the time! ;) #
  • loop_pool: Run @carocat run! #
  • carocat: @loop_pool I got to safety [as evident by me posting the picture!]. Running ain’t so easy with a pushchair, who knew?! They were harmless though! #
  • loop_pool: @carocat oh that’s ok then – pushchair as shield, small child sacrificed as diversion… #
  • loop_pool: “Women & gamers first!!” RT @loop_pool: @carocat oh that’s ok then – pushchair as shield, small child sacrificed as diversion… #
  • carocat: @loop_pool @sahfenn I had two of them with me, too! I’m sure my friend wouldn’t have minded if I’d only come back with one of them! ;) #


And then it came to this:

sahfenn: @carocat there’s a horror movie script there :) #

Some of the film titles suggested, some more may be at the #duckfilms hashtag:

Mallard 2: Duck Harder
Fried Green Ducks at the Whistlestop Cafe

28 ducks later


Around the Lake with 80 Ducks

The Duck Hunter
Dawn Of The Ducks
The Incredible Duck
Ducks At A Funeral
Ducks And The City

When Ducks Attack
They came from the water
The ducks strike back
Duck Hard 1
A tale of two ducks
Lord of the Ducks – Return of the Duck
Episode 4 – A New Duck


What other ‘duck’ related films could there be?

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