A picture can be worth a thousand words

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been organising my pictures folder. I actually been making progress with it though it’s mostly just that I spend a few minutes here and there on it.

Tumblr yesterday announced its new ‘mega-editor‘ which allows editing, tagging and deleting multiple posts at once. That way I’ve been able to delete tweets I had auto imported into tumblr back in 2008 and wanted to remove for a while, but without the effort of doing it one by one.

My tumblr includes a majority of the photos I take and share on the internet [which is roughly about 20% of the images I take] as I post most of them to TwitPic which auto posts them to tumblr.

These are the photos I’ve tagged so far on tumblr:

Having finally got a good tool to look through them is great as I don’t have some of them saved elsewhere and some are duplicates.

In addition to tumblr there are only three other places I have posted pictures to in the past which is this blog, another photoblog I never got around setting up properly and my imageshack.us account which has about 1000 images stored though I presume only 2% of them are actually photos I took. Again, there are probably many duplicates.

It also begs the question if I do want my photos to be in some central blog as my tumblr blog is pretty much just a scrapbook, but I don’t think I’d want something that isn’t automated as I tend to be quite forgetful.

As for the title of this blog post, well, it’s interesting to see how much history some of the pictures carry, even if they just contain everyday stuff. Creating a place that’s somewhere between a diary and a photoblog would also be an option.

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