Another one to file under ‘I wish I hadn’t bought this’.

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I’ve been watching 24 over the last few days which I’ve mentioned multiple times on Twitter. Like here and here and here and here. This isn’t the first time I’ve watched it, but despite being annoyed about many things [this list is in no way conclusive!] I’ve decided to rewatch some of it and watch the remaining seasons I’ve yet to watch.

I have season 1-4 of 24 as a DVD boxset and don’t have any real complaints with season 1-3 which feature slow menus, but are overall functional and, most importantly, have the option to play all the episodes on one disc back to back without the studio logos or piracy notices.

Season 4, however, is different. Every disc starts with the ‘Piracy is Crime’ video which is roughly one minute long and unskippable not to mention the awful music.

This is followed by the animated studio logo, some menu intro video and finally no option to play all episodes back to back. It gets worse when selecting the individual episodes though as they show an image taken from the episode. Thanks to those I knew that Debbie was going to die and Tony kidnapped before it happened. Thanks for the spoilers, FoxTVDVD.

As for season 4 itself, it’s even more annoyingly unrealistic than the previous ones. We’re meant to believe that one person organised:

  • a kidnapping,
  • the spreading of a virus to cause nuclear reactor meltdowns with a handy override device,
  • the theft of a stealth plane,
  • the crash of the Air Force One,
  • the theft of the nuclear warhead codes and a warhead and, finally,
  • the launch of a nuclear warhead.

All whilst managing multiple terrorist cells and a large number of replaceable henchmen.

The meltdown of the nuclear reactors across the US would have been enough to not only thwart the further attempts, but also make them pointless as none of them would have had an impact then. If he was so convinced and organised he wouldn’t have made quite so many contingency plans.

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10 Responses to Another one to file under ‘I wish I hadn’t bought this’.

  1. becky says:

    what?? Debbie died? I cannot believe it, I haven’t watched it yet.


  2. Cat says:

    Yeah, she does. And you haven’t missed out, I hope I just saved you 20hours of your life!


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  4. Weefz says:

    Noooo, don’t watch the other seasons! You were right to stop at 3. I stayed loyal through season 4 as well, but 5-7 are definitely not worth the hours you could spend doing anything else. It’s just more of the same with different actors.


  5. Cat says:

    I heard season 8 was meant to be great? Someone also told me that it’s apparently got the best ending of any TV show? That kind of makes me want to watch more!


  6. weefz says:

    Season 8 is the most recent, yes? Couldn’t comment – I watched the first 10 or so episodes and it was just more of the same old Jack Knows Everything And Is Always Right (+ explosions and torture justified by ticking time bomb). I stopped watching.


  7. Cat says:

    Yeah the most recent and last one.

    And well, I got annoyed with Jack’s actions during season 1 already so I think it can’t actually be any worse!

    Saying that I really don’t know why I watch it. I think I like getting annoyed about it! And don’t even mention Kim Bauer to me!


  8. weefz says:



  9. Cat says:

    Not just that, how on Earth has she managed to survive in life so far!?

    There’s actually another draft sitting in the dashboard on how annoyed I am with Kim, but I think I’ll wait with posting it until I’ve finished all seasons. All I can say is that I’m glad she wasn’t in 4 and is missing from some future ones, too!


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