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Why do tweets about alcohol always get the most replies?

Surely it would indicate that most of my followers may have too much! Here’s the previous time a tweet about alcohol got quite a few and this is what I got yesterday. . How long does a screwtop bottle of red wine remain drinkable once opened? # . jhomerston: I’d say about 2 days, 3 […]

It’s almost like something unusual happened in Reading!

10 hours. 81 tweets. The Reading hashtag. Most of them about the same thing: asilon: Please don’t rain in #rdg; I have a lot of washing to get dry today. # parent2: @asilon Sorry! RT @getreading: Flash warning of heavy rain for Reading: #rdgnews #rdg # lortolan: Here comes the rain in #shinfield… RT […]

Gamer Banter: Cover art? No, thanks!

Gamer Banter is a monthly gaming discussion of multiple bloggers. More info is here and please contact Terry from Game Couch if you wish to take part. July’s topic is set by Terry from Game Couch: How important is cover art to you? Not at all.

Cancer Research UK – Race for Life – Reading recap

As I’ve mentioned before I was part of the volunteer team at Reading’s Race for Life this past weekend.

Raoul Moat and the state of the media and government

. The 2010 Northumbria Police manhunt was a major police operation in North East England in which armed police officers under the command of the Northumbria Police force attempted to apprehend Raoul Moat, a 37-year-old man from Newcastle upon Tyne who had recently been released from Durham Prison. Moat, armed with a sawn-off shotgun, was […]

Race for Life

I’ve long since supported Cancer Research UK with monthly donations and I have in the past volunteered with them, though it never actually came together as the events were either fully staffed already or at times when I couldn’t make it. A few months ago @chelthan told me that she was taking part in the […]

On the decision to not send that friend request

With social networking sites it’s fairly easy to find people I’ve previously lost touch with. This week I came across two people that used to be a very big part of my life. One of them was my childhood friend I had known since I can first remember as we lived in the same house […]

Back to Facebook

I deactivated my Facebook account at some point in late 2008 when, after having spent an evening setting specific privacy settings and lists, I realised that too much information was visible to people I didn’t want to see it. Sure, I could have limited the information I put on there in the first place, but […]

Five years ago..

One of my earliest memories is from 1986, the disaster at Chernobyl. I was too young to know what had happened and its implications, but I remember the worried look on my mother’s face and having to keep windows closed. 15 years later the next big disaster happened, 9/11. I remember I had just come […]

About @SatScenes and why haven’t you taken part yet?

I have been taking part and tweeted about SatScenes since 2008 which is why I was surprised when @spritesbites told me she never really knew what it was about. SatScenes is a collection of photographs taken by people on Twitter from all around the world every Saturday. Participation is optional and only involves sending a […]


Even though I’ve known about V for a while I’ve only just started watching it properly now as Elizabeth Mitchell‘s presence confused me while Lost was still ongoing. And she is also one of the main reasons I’m watching it with one of the other ones being Morena Baccarin. The general concept is intriguing with […]


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