Even though I’ve known about V for a while I’ve only just started watching it properly now as Elizabeth Mitchell‘s presence confused me while Lost was still ongoing. And she is also one of the main reasons I’m watching it with one of the other ones being Morena Baccarin.

The general concept is intriguing with 30 alien ships hovering above the major cities of the world and, as shown halfway through the season, hundreds more on their way to Earth. It’s no doubt that the aliens have ulterior motives, but it’s not clear what they want as they could just take over Earth in an instant. Instead they choose to offer free advanced technology to have humanity depend on them for a later advantage in trades. They crack down on any resistance and have had people in many key positions acting as humans for at least a decade.

It’s the hopelessness that I like about it. There isn’t a clearly defined big bad and it’s entirely episodic with the characters mostly scrambling around trying to figure out what to do. Elizabeth Mitchell and Morena Baccarin are brilliant as their respective characters and I can’t wait for them to appear in some scenes together. In comparison the male supporting actors are a little bit disappointing with too little depth, but this will hopefully improve.

Is it as good as Lost? No, but it’s just about intriguing enough to replace it for now.


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    That Chad Decker could do with a slap though. Don’t know why, he just has that sort of face.

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    I couldn’t agree more though I have to say he reminds me a lot of Michael J Fox who I like!

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    LOL. Yeah, Chad could do with a slap. It’s weird because the guy can actually act. I remember him from way back in Party of Five with Matthew Fox where they used to cry together over how miserable their lives were.
    Hmm… yeah, I remember why I stopped watching that show.

    V, however, is quite entertaining. It’s always good to have a character to hate :) Would be good if wasn’t so wet though. Hopefully he’ll get better as the show goes on.

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    I vaguely remember Party of Five! Thankfully it was never really on TV and I only ever remember the odd episode here and there with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Neve Campbell.

    Strangely enough I did watch the sort of spin-off continuation with Jennifer Love Hewitt moving to New York a la Coyote Ugly though minus the dancing in a bar. It wasn’t all that bad, but not exactly good either!

    As for V, I’m 8 episodes in now, need to catch up!

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