About @SatScenes and why haven’t you taken part yet?

I have been taking part and tweeted about SatScenes since 2008 which is why I was surprised when @spritesbites told me she never really knew what it was about.

SatScenes is a collection of photographs taken by people on Twitter from all around the world every Saturday. Participation is optional and only involves sending a tweet to @satscenes with a link to the picture. There are no themes and the only rule is that the picture was taken within the 24 hours of that Saturday.

Every Wednesday all the collected SatScenes are then posted on the blog by @akaSylvia.

My first SatScenes picture was in November 2008:

Since then I’ve taken pictures in three countries and five towns. I’ll be making a full list of them at some point, but for now there are some collected here.

Take part!

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