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Many moons ago when I was still living in Germany and spending my days doing voluntary work I reached the point of too much stress. I believe I was around 17 or 18 and at that point all I wanted to do was throw my calendar into a river. It contained my life from important […]

Knitting: Red and purple striped scarf [The magic carpet]

This scarf went through quite a few versions before I finally settled on something. Originally I planned to knit a scarf in just a single colour, the red, then thought about using a pattern I’d seen in Let’s Knit which, annoyingly, isn’t available online, but couldn’t get that one working properly. The different rows were […]

Knitting: Christmas style wristwarmers

These sort of came about by mistake. I had just finished knitting a scarf for a friend and had a tiny amount of white wool left and the desire to make another pair of wristers so I started knitting and within a couple of days ended up with my christmas style wristers! Overall they took […]

What have I been up to?

Looking at my blog over the last few months and it’s evident that I’ve not been updating it quite as much as I should have and that bugs me. I know that I’ll regret it months down the line when I’ll try and figure out what I’ve been up to, but at the same time […]

There can never be too many cats

Having watched quite a bit of TV lately, mostly as an excuse to do some knitting, I’ve also had the ‘fortune’ to watch a lot of adverts. Surprisingly some are actually quite good, like the one with Bobo, but nothing beats this excellent and supercute IKEA advert: Arthur, or rather soulcat as @Jhomerston dubbed him, […]

I’ve got my knitting mojo back!

About a month after my last post about knitting I lost my knitting mojo for which I blame various things, but mostly a scarf going wrong and suddenly finding myself with too many things I had to finish by the end of the year. So, logically of course, I put it all in a bag […]


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