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Spotify playlists

It has been a long week at work and the main reason I’ve made it to Thursday evening at least has been the music I’ve been listening to which includes a quite different mix of music. Here are some more recent ones: Lazy Sunday 100 hits of the ’80s 90s gotta love it Grand Theft […]

A worrying event for a blogger

In all the years I’ve been online I’ve had some bad reactions from people that disagreed with me online or simply wanted to annoy me on Xbox Live. Luckily, with having taken so much of my online identity ‘offline’ to Reading Tweetups and the like, I’ve not experienced anything bad so far. There were a few […]


I’m angry a lot lately. Angry at the burglary. Angry at friends that don’t reply to texts. Angry at work. Angry at being ill. Angry at having to rely on some people that have always been prone to be unreliable. Angry that I’m not in control of my life how I want to be and […]

I’m sick of being ill

I’m really sick of being ill ALL THE TIME. It started over a year ago and since then I’ve been ill practically every week. 2011 alone I’ve had four colds with the latest one currently lasting over a week and being the most severe one since Boxing Day. There was a cold-free week this year […]

Online identity

It somehow came up in a conversation tonight on how long I’ve been on some sites and realisation kind of hit. will be five years old in September with currently about 560 posts and at least one post a month in that time. cat on tumblr will be three years old in April with […]

Have I unfollowed you on Twitter? Here is why.

Tonight I unfollowed 116 people on Twitter. It’s the biggest cutdown of people that I’m following on Twitter in over two years and I’ve unfollowed some people I’ve been following almost as long as I have been using it. Here is why. Over the past almost four years my usage of Twitter has changed from […]

Galaxy Quest mockumentary

I’ve mentioned Galaxy Quest before and how it’s one of my favourite films. io9 [which now has such a horrible layout] posted a mockumentary on Galaxy Quest, all in universe with the original extras. It’s about 20 minutes long and feels like it should be a DVD extra even though it isn’t? It’s full of […]

This is what Twitter does for me

‘Why do you use Twitter’ is a question I am often asked by friends that either don’t use the service or have signed up, but not seen the point themselves. And I end up explaining the same things all over; I get to meet some great people, realise connections and, most importantly, I can stay […]


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