Have I unfollowed you on Twitter? Here is why.

Tonight I unfollowed 116 people on Twitter. It’s the biggest cutdown of people that I’m following on Twitter in over two years and I’ve unfollowed some people I’ve been following almost as long as I have been using it.

Here is why.

Over the past almost four years my usage of Twitter has changed from a service I use to communicate with online friends to something I use to stay in contact with people I’ve met. Whilst Twitter has introduced lists allowing me to keep up with some at any time, my main feed has become quite cluttered and I’m spending far too much time a day catching up with tweets. Of course, I could just not read most of the tweets and only read them when I’m online, but it doesn’t really work like that for me.

The people I’ve unfollowed were for the following reasons and no, I won’t mention names:

  • You tweet too much.
  • Your interests over the years have changed and whilst I like you I’ve found that there are too many tweets I really don’t have an interest in.
  • You don’t talk to me at all. Twitter for me, as stated in my bio, is all about communication. If you never reply to something I say, even if I’ve directly replied to you then what is the point?
  • You are always just negative. Yes, there are a small number of people I’ve unfollowed who are never positive and/or constantly bitch about others.
  • I already follow your other accounts.

I’ve spent some time thinking about this and created a private list over the past couple of weeks adding people to it who I didn’t know why I was still following them. Technically this post is going back all the way to August, but just like sorting out a wardrobe it took time..

It’s not personal, I’ve followed you all for a reason and I know Twitter will be a lot quieter because of this which is just what I needed.

Thanks for the past years.

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5 Responses to Have I unfollowed you on Twitter? Here is why.

  1. Kiran says:

    Am I on the unflawed list? :D


  2. Bluraven says:

    If I’m unfollowed, I understand. And I still have your other stuff to keep up with you. :)


  3. Cat says:

    Nope, still following you two. :)


  4. Bluraven says:

    Woot! ^_^


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