Woah, I’m tall! Wait, why is the floor wavy?

Last week my glasses finally broke and I ordered new ones.

On Monday I was told that there was an unexpected delay.

Thanks, Boots, for not phoning to tell me my glasses have been delayed to next week. Not like I expected more with the amount I’ve spent. #

However, as I had to get something from Boots this evening anyway I stopped by the optician and lo and behold at least one of the two pairs has arrived. Without them phoning me, of course..

It’s been almost four years since I last had to get used to a new pair of glasses and I’d forgotten all about the difficult initial phase.

The glasses feel wrong which is mostly due to them being very heave compared to my ultrathin previous ones, but it’s primarily that my prescription’s just changed so much. Suddenly everything’s clear and, something I didn’t even realise I was doing, I no longer need to focus my eyes to see something clearly, but instead can relax my eyes.

And I’m tall! It feels like I’ve grown about 40cm and the ground is further away and wavy, as always when I’ve had new glasses though coming to think about it I’m estimating I’ve only had eight or nine pairs since I’ve been six years old. At least I’ve gone away from the multicoloured frames!

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6 Responses to Woah, I’m tall! Wait, why is the floor wavy?

  1. Pewari says:

    OH YES! I get that ground far away and wavy feeling when I wear contact lenses for the first time in a while – it’s such a huge adjustment and it feels like I can’t judge distances in a meaningful way until I get used to them again.

    Hope you adjust to yours soon!


  2. Cat says:

    I’m still sort of struggling, but it’s getting better now.

    And I finally picked up my other pair yesterday!


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  4. mexico says:

    the colors are beautiful


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