Three house moves in four months? I think I’m onto some kind of a record here!

I’ve moved again. Yes, for those keeping track, this is the third time in 2011 and the last time was just two months ago, but as it turns out the landlord was looking to sell the flat. Alas it was time to look again and I ended up finding a room in a houseshare with nice people.

I want to say positive things about this move of which there are many, like nice people, nice room, garden and so on, but even in the run up to the move I wasn’t necessarily sure it would be the right thing. The only problem with it is that it’s out of towncentre and, strangely enough, located in an area I used to live back 2003-2005. It has a good public transport links [unless the bus is late..] and it is in an area where I have friends.

I think it’s the change that I dislike about it. I have become used to living close to towncentre and being able to go into town on a whim whenever I wanted to whereas now it all becomes more complicated. Even if I’m planning to get back into cycling as I’m planning to, I will still need to find places I can securely lock my bike and a quick pint at ridiculous o’clock suddenly becomes much more of a mission. And taking the bus after going out to head home is all fun and games, unless I’ve just missed a bus and the next one isn’t due for another hour.

I need to get over this, accept the change and stop fighting it kicking and screaming. Maybe this will finally be enough to get me to read more or maybe get back into gaming?

I also figured it was about time for this page..

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