Vegetable box deliveries

When I was younger we had a weekly vegetable box delivery at home and it was great. Unable to predict the contents the vegetables were varied enough to allow my mum to experiment with things like stuffed aubergines or soups.

I’ve been aware of various vegetable box deliveries in Reading for some years, but have never properly looked into getting one before. Instead I would pick up the occasional vegetable at the supermarkets and mostly just eat food that didn’t include vegetables.

Overall I think it’s the fact that the deliveries can include anything that I like about the idea as it allows me to be creative.

I’ve found the following veg boxes available in Reading:

  • Abel & Cole: The variety of boxes they have available looks great and they also offer wines and other items. Currently my favourite and I’m awaiting @hellobonobo‘s feedback seeing she just ordered her first box. Prices range from £8.50 [7 items] to £24 [13 items]. Weekly basis or one offs.
  • Kelly’s Veggies: Horrible talking flash intro is horrible.. Initially I was interested in this, but I’m not too convinced with this week’s boxes. £12 for a small box [seven mixed fruit/veg items] and £17 for a large one [ten mixed fruit/veg items]. Eggs and potatoes can be added. Monthly basis.
  • milk & more: My local milkman could deliver three times a week, but it doesn’t specify at all what time that would be. I’d be worried if the items were outside all day. It doesn’t specify number of items and the pricing is £10 – £13. Their FAQs and site design leaves a lot to be desired for, but additional items like soup seem interesting though I can always pick that up in a normal supermarket. Monthly basis.
  • Riverford: This one was trialled by @sahfenn and she blogged about it, too. She ended up cancelling it after a few weeks though due to fewer items being included. Their boxes range from £10 – £18 and don’t specify the number of contents. They do have various other items though, such as vanilla pods, bread and curious things like banana chutney which I now feel like I have to try! And they have wine. Weekly basis or one offs.
  • farmaround organic: £9 – £16 for various boxes. Minimum order £12.50 and £1.50 delivery charge. My delivery would be at some point on Thursdays. Not sure if I would rate the site as trustworthy though and would be happy to supply my card information.

I was initially impressed with About Organics and the list on there, but realised that none of them actually applied.

Granted my milk & more complaint about the delivery time is the same for the others, but it’s mainly the site design that bugs me. I can barely find anything on there and it doesn’t seem quite so transparent and targeted to the local area.

I have enough vegetables to last me a week or at least until @hellobonobo can tell me about Abel & Cole.

II am also still looking for other suggestions.  

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24 Responses to Vegetable box deliveries

  1. Clair says:

    We use Able & Cole, and I’m usually very impressed with them.


  2. Sah says:

    We use Milk & More for our milk. They’re just the old fashioned milkmen online.

    For milk they’re fantastic. Our milkman delivers before 5am so not an issue with it being outside all day but more that we have to wake up to bring the milk in on a hot day when we’re off work so it’s not sitting outside in the sun til 10am. It’s more expensive than the supermarket but we drink a LOT of milk & the convenience is worth it for us. We can change/cancel our order online up to 9pm the night before & pay monthly by DD.

    (In comparison, Riverford delivered during the day.)

    Have you considered a fortnighly delivery from a supermarket instead? I now include my vegetables in our regular shop & order what’s in season using websites like Much cheaper even if it’s not quite as organic/earthy.


  3. Cat says:

    Clair, which box do you go for?

    Sarah, I’m going to get supermarket deliveries again, but I like the unpredictableness of a box delivery as otherwise I’d just order the same things over and over again!


  4. Cat says:

    Tolhurst Organic was recommended by @the_veggie_frog. Prices from £8.50 – £16. Not too impressed with their box variety though.


  5. Joe Parkinson says:

    Kellys Veggies sell terrible Vegetables – half were mouldy, and way overpriced compared to other vegetable box schemes – stick to able and cole. On top of this, they con you into a 4 week contract period and make you pay for 4 boxes upfront. Stay well away


  6. Cat says:

    Thank you, Joe!


  7. Joe Parkinson says:

    No Problem Cat. The owner of kellys vegies is now refusing to provide me my remaining boxes I have already paid for because of these reviews. Make sure none of you use this company!


  8. Helping Hand says:

    Joe, the owner of Kellys Vegies is Kelly Wheeler. He’s a terrible terrible person, he will rip off even his friends! Trust me, I used to be one of his friends! I would not trust this company as far as I could throw them! However, try Kelly on his mobile, [Removed the personal information, Cat] maybe you’ll get through to him that way.


  9. Jay Jay says:

    Kelly’s veggies! Rude rude rude!
    After receiving our initial free box, we ordered 3 more £12 boxes, then as it didn’t work for us we cancelled before receiving our final box. Didn’t receive things we had requested and got much smaller portions, reply to an email was very rude suggesting that people who cancel should put up with what they get!! Don’t go near them with a barge pole


  10. LostBoy says:

    I have to say I agree wholeheartedly with these reviews. The vegetables I recieved were very low quality after the first box, and kelly is a rude person.


  11. grace says:

    kellys veggies send battered and mouldy fruit and veg and what is worse, they are a scam. they ask for a weeks notice to cancel with them, I gave 8 days notice via email yet they took pyament for a further box and are saying that I gave only one days notice?!!!! they even replied to my email when giving notice!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!! Abel and Cole all the way!


  12. grace says:

    and I agree, Kelly is very very rude and does not answer questions if you have any problems! hence why I have gone to trading standards. absolute con artists!


  13. susie says:

    Thought I would read the reviews on Kellys veggies etc and glad I did ! Thanks everyone. I was going to order some veggies from this “outfit” after a leaflet dropped through my letter box – glad I didn’t after the comments made by all who were ripped off and fobbed off with lies and rudeness of this unprofessional,cold individual. COMEUPANCE is a wonderful word – he will get that very shortly when his business folds !!


  14. Caroline Lefter says:

    I have been getting Kelly’s Vegies for a couple of months now and I have been very happy with them, I get the essentials box one week and the large box the week after and I’ve been super pleased with the quality of vegetables. Maybe it’s because I live in Hertfordshire and I happened to get the veggies once they’ve been picked, as they are literally fresh out of the fields. Nothing has been mouldy, and the produce lasts for a good two weeks before it looks sad.

    When I joined up it said I could cancel at any time, I haven’t had issues with it being a four week contract? Maybe this is a new thing. I moved to them after Abel and Cole who provided much smaller and worse quality boxes, with so much stuff missing we gave up for a while until I decided to try the free Kelly’s trial. I’m interested and a bit surprised that everyone has had such problems with Kelly’s!


  15. Sophie McLoughlin says:

    Been using KellysVegies since September and I love them! I am v surprised at the comments on here as all my fruit and veg has been fine and lasted so much longer than shop bought.I have emailed a few times as well and have had a great response !


  16. Graham Peters says:

    I was thinking about using Kellys Vegies but dont think i will any longer…thanks for your comments


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  18. Genny says:

    Just a quick comment: farmaround are a well established company, I used them in 1995 when I live in South London, and they were just starting there. I was happy with their food. I’ve not used them since, but I’ve not seen bad comments about them online (I searched farmaround + forum to find any posts about them).
    I have to agree though that their website is awful, I could not believe how bad it is!


  19. Kerry says:

    I was very bewildered by all comments made on Kelly’s veggies. I have personally recived a number of boxes and never had a problem what is being said is in bad taste and could be ruining a perfectly decent gentlemans business….


  20. Say no to Kellys veg says:

    @Kerry – Don’t worry, he is not a perfectly decent gentleman. he is a con artist and a fiend. Stay well away from using Kellys Vegies

    Anyway, Im almost certain most of the positive statements are written by Kelly. I have good reason to believe this


  21. dont do it says:

    dont order from kellysvegies its a scam and the veg is out of date. not worth the money


  22. Emilee says:

    I agree completely, although i was happy with the vegetable quality delivered, I found Kelly rude and condescending, even threatening on occasion when I tried to cancel the service – stay well away!


  23. veg lover says:

    kellys wheeler of kellys veggies is complete scum – don’t even think about trying it…


  24. Cat says:

    Bloody hell. Time to close comments seeing people can’t play nice.

    For fuck’s sakes get your own blog if you want to post shit.


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