Self defense during a burglary

I’m catching with my RSS feeds tonight and came across a post from the weekend: Suspected burglar fatally stabbed in Salford.

The gist of the event is that four people tried to smash their way through a backdoor of a house where they were surprised by its three inhabitants; the father, son and the son’s girlfriend. One of the burglars was then stabbed while the girlfriend called the police and the other burglars tried to carry him away before disappearing. “The householder, his son and his son’s girlfriend have all been arrested.”

This isn’t just reported on the Guardian; BBC news, The Telegraph and all say the same.

Granted, that is about all the information available so there might be more to it, but the little that has been publically shared genuinly confuses me. Four people break in, three people are there and they defend themselves against someone entering their home whilst calling the police? And they are still arrested this evening.

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One Response to Self defense during a burglary

  1. todd maher says:

    Hi there

    i’m glad they defended them selves in such a way. people should not feel they have any rights when they decide to break the law and enter someone else home. i think what they have done is heroic and well deserving to the intruder and any other burglars should know they could share the same fate. the conservatives have said they will give us more rights in home protection so i can’t wait to see how they help these heroes!

    many thanks Todd Maher


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